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HODL Street – A truly unique city building game with it’s foundation secured in the Ethereum blockchain.

An online city-building game akin to the timeless classic, Sim City. HODL St
however, is a shared space using the Ethereum network to secure land and
property ownership through Smart Contracts. This project has been launched
by an Australian-based team with key members from across the globe
including New Zealand, England, and Estonia.

The HODL St team shares a passion to demonstrate how blockchain
technology can be used not just for crypto currency transactions, but also to
support growth nations who suffer from land ownership disputes. Marketing
Director, Tim Broxup said “If blockchain wants to battle problems seen in
third world countries where over 70% of people have a tenuous title to their
land, we need to educate in a way that attracts interest and interaction.
HODL St aims to do this with a vibrant and interactive world anyone can pick
up and play with any device.”

Registration of interest and account creation is open up to the public at where users can log in, build a profile, and set up their ETH wallet. Potential business investors can also source the project’s whitepaper; where they can learn more about the team, roadmap, and opportunities to secure bespoke, branded buildings.

At launch HODL St will deliver a fullscreen and immersive experience for property owners and public visitors to explore the online community. The team will also be launching the Land Grab opportunity, where registered users can pick up as many of the 3,846 blocks of land as they want to secure. Users who want to be updated on the Land Grab can register for the HODL St Post to receive updates on events, updates, and in-game features.

Digital Design Team, Andrew Vohmann (Digital Designer) & Keith Margus (Digital Animator) said “This project has been an incredible opportunity to work with global talent who can fuse a passion for blockchain technology with isometric design. Our team has been working nonstop to produce a unique set of property illustrations that can hopefully engage a new audience to demonstrate the benefits of blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin.”

Moving forward, HODL St will be offering a selection of opportunities for
building constructions and updates. Landowners will be able to develop their
properties from land, to residential, commercial, and business. Aaron Magon
(Technology Lead) says “This is such an incredible opportunity for us to
develop a cross-platform application; users are now able to engage with
transactional data and learn how peer-to-peer networking demonstrates
protection of rights through immutable records.”

For any enquiries, reach out to the HODL St team at

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