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Heroes of Ether: Free-to-Play Strategy Game + Alpha Rewards

Heroes of Ether Alpha ending soon!

It is your last chance to get exclusive Alpha tester items before we close Alpha and move to Beta phase!

Check out Heroes of Ether here:


What is Heroes of Ether?

Heroes of Ether is a blockchain game for non-blockchain people. A digital collectible game where Heroes can compete in the Arena, procreate, master new abilities, and unlock features to survive in the game’s emergent real-world economy. Heroes of Ether will soon begin the Beta testing of the game on the main Ethereum network.

The game is free-to-play, with players unlocking rewards by playing the game. Players receive their first hero for free upon joining, and unlock items and in-game currency as they continue.

Although players are encouraged to make purchases in a variety of ways, the game is not “pay-to-win” and is set up so that players can unlock, earn, or find any obtainable item without ever spending a dime.

Future Plans

The game has 5 eras. Each has different clothing, items, and settings. We begin with the Prehistoric Era that is home to cavemen and end in the Future Era with technology so advanced we’ve only just begun to imagine it. Every era increases scarcity of digital assets, special abilities and more depth to explore. The Eras are unlocked sequentially by players individually, but their actions impact others and the gameworld as a whole. Players that achieve the difficult task of being among the first to unlock a new Era will advance themselves, their allies, and gain a powerful advantage over their enemies. 

Arena and Land

Combat tested Heroes will rise through the ranks in tournaments for the Champion title. To make things even more interesting, players can bet real money or in-game currency on their Heroes’ victory. Heroes will gain access to land and sky, building cities, occupying land and expanding civilization. 


The world needs more Heroes

Join the Alpha testing before it closes to unlock limited edition Heroes, items and other rewards

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