“GO! WALLET” Launches Their Multilingual Version

The wallet service where you can enjoy blockchain games and DApps on your smartphone devices. English version will first be supported, then additional languages ​​will follow.

SmartApp Inc. (HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Takashi Sato), the developer of blockchain platform businesses for smartphones, launched its first service in mid-October 2018. Now announced is the iOS version of the “GO! WALLET” application with multilingual service starting December 2018. “GO! WALLET” specializes on the Ethereum blockchain and interacts with the Web3 DApp browser.

“GO! WALLET” is a wallet application that can easily manage cryptocurrency tokens, but it’s biggest feature is that it can be charged immediately and used on a web3-compatible site, which allows you to check your tokens through the  Wallet system within the application. Blockchain applications and games that correspond with web3 are rapidly increasing all over the world.

The games and applications are primarily used by people who use and have cryptocurrency, and the “GO! WALLET” team has already received many requests from partners, DApp developers and end users since the service was released in October 2018.

While focusing mostly on the assistance of the English component, the team will rapidly develop multilingual support and expand its service to use the DApp applications and games with more safety. All the DApp applications and games will be posted on the DApp directory menu (called GO! MENU & HOME) with several languages being supported and each with its own localized screen to offer convenience and sociability.

Furthermore, the service will expand the mechanism of Reciprocal Customer Transfers with overseas DApp applications and game players, plus will seek a wide range of important common links between blockchain games, applications and the end users.

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SmartApp Inc.

4-2-45 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

CEO: Takashi Sato


The SmartApp Inc. team is a very experienced group who have developed and operated on numerous web-based platforms (ex. search engines, entertainment content, mobile social games, online communities), have backgrounds in finance, the virtual currency field and of course blockchain technology. They are also members of the Japanese Blockchain Associations Virtual Currency Division.

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