Glitch Goons Update: Save Items on the Blockchain and Trade them on OpenSea

Glitch Goons Update: Save Your Items on the Blockchain and Trade Them on OpenSea

March 1, 2019, Tallinn, Estonia

Since Glitch Goons was released last December, their goal has been to cater to the needs of both crypto and non-crypto players, integrating different features to create a great gaming experience for everyone. To keep delivering on that front, they are working on a set of updates. The major one will allow players to withdraw in-game items, save them on the blockchain, and trade them on OpenSea.

As Sergey Labutin, CEO of Glitch Goons, claims, “It’s up to the players to decide what is valuable to them and where they want to store their items. Unlike other devs who are trying to educate gamers on the blockchain and impose its usage (even if players don’t want and/or don’t need it), we let users decide for themselves.” 

GlitchGoons has always welcomed players from outside the crypto world, allowing anyone to play without having any cryptocurrency or crypto wallets, and even without any knowledge of crypto. But if you are a crypto fan, this update is one you will definitely enjoy. Your favorite items (a chest, or a weapon, or an amulet, or any of the others) can now be easily withdrawn and saved on Ethereum blockchain. Glitch Goons will be collaborating with OpenSea so that players can trade their items on this platform.

Also in the March release, there will be other updates: 

  • Bots to help players understand game modes such as quick fight and leagues

  • When loading up the game for the first time, you will be greeted by a character selection screen. You’ll have to choose. At some point, access to four out of five characters is lost, but you will get them back through in-game rewards

  • A system of easy, free-to-play quests to facilitate the game and attract new users.

  • Daily look boxes will be given out to further motivate players into logging into Glitch Goons every day. This will allow players to have more benefits even if they are not spending money in the game. The first loot boxes will have a timer of up to 5 minutes, but then players will have to wait 3 hours

To learn more about Glitch Goons follow the game on Twitter, Telegram or Facebook.

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