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Glitch Goons is releasing its Side-chain 2.0, why is this important?

A scalable solution for multi-blockchain games

Glitch Goons is one of the first multi-blockchain mobile games out there. Intends to bring the mobile community and the blockchain gaming-community together by creating a game that can be played without being on any blockchain while at the same time having items and characters that can be tokenized on it. Glitch Goons is a PvP automatic fighting game where cybernetic animal-humanoid fighters battle to get resources and power. You customize and upgrade your characters to make them perform better in the field, but you don’t have control during the fights. Your job is to equip your character to the best of your abilities and send them off. The goal is to move through the leagues and scale up to better ones while getting bonus loot boxes as rewards.

Now, the game is planning to implement its very own Side-chain 2.0. The new system will allow the creation of free, scalable and user-oriented dapps and games while at the same time appeal to people out of the blockchain world. These are a few of the features the new system offers:

  • Accepting and processing cryptocurrency payments and fiat payments (Google Play, credit card)

  • NFT trading and synchronization on different blockchains

  • Account and profile data storage

  • Standardization

These are some of the technical advantages that Side-chain 2.0 is bringing: 

  • Infinite scalability: 15,000 deals per second

  • Low-cost maintenance: you pay only for the power used in the cloud

  • It is not limited to a particular blockchain, it can connect different blockchains transactions

  • All in one: you don’t need to install separate wallets for the different blockchains to be able to enjoy the benefits on your smartphone


One of the most attractive qualities of the Side-chain 2.0 is that it opens the world of crypto to people with no knowledge of blockchain whatsoever to play and experience the benefits of blockchain indifferent aspects of their lives, as is the case with gaming. They will be able to create their own NFT coins on their accounts or on the game’s server through the API. It will allow you to access yourNFTs from a browser without having to install a wallet to be able to access them. The novelty here, however, is NFT synchronization on different blockchains – the system will allow for in-game items to be transferred from one blockchain to another. This could be a window to get different people interested in crypto and see how these benefits can be applied to other aspects of their lives.

The team states that putting your NFT on any given blockchain will be an automated process. Another solution the sidechain offers is when it comes to creating the same things on different blockchains.

Sergey Labutin, CEO of Glitch Goons, has been quoted in saying that they “strive to build a platform to create, trade and exchange NFTs easily, which is beneficial for both players and devs.” The system standardizes NFTs to work on different blockchains, preventing major time setback for developers, as well as financial losses involved in creating the same token for different protocols, while gamers can enjoy the benefit of multiple blockchains without having to install multiple wallets.

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