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GamerToken: Technology Showcase

GamerToken: Technology Showcase

Learn about the features of gaming’s future.

Over the last few months, we’ve released various articles telling you about our vision, token, advisors, non-fungibility features, Marketplace Demo and Fiesta Online Blockchain Beta. Now we’d like to show-off a little more. We’re making considerable headway on the following technological features so that we can continue to bring power back to the players.

Our User-Friendly API

Our wallet service-provider’s Application Programming Interface (API) has been designed so that developers can interact with our blockchain solution without an expert understanding of Solidity and other blockchain-related tech.

Our API offers endpoints for authentication, rewards, purchases, PSP integration, user balance, transaction history, ERC-721 item creation, and registration via Oauth2/OpenID.

Oauth2 and OpenID are popular, secure standards that offer authentication to multiple clients with one account. Furthermore, they can be used to protect specific API endpoints by allowing only authenticated users to utilize them.

Our SDK Development

Although Oauth2 and OpenID standards are proven and well documented, some parties still have trouble using them efficiently. As an alternative to our API, we’re offering a dev kit, also known as a Software Development Kit (SDK). This SDK acts a wrapper for our API; it provides an easy interface that heavily reduces developers’ workloads — enabling further seamless integration.

It will be released stage-by-stage across three different packages. The first package will offer a broad field of usage, covering Javascript, Unity, and Unreal. These will target multiple platforms, including mobile devices. In our second package, we’ll release SDKs for Android and iOS. Our third package will cover PHP and Java; this will be especially useful for browser games and webshops who want to use PHP to integrate GTX.

Depending on demand, we may choose to expand this selection to further technologies.

Our Marketplace Features

Our Marketplace will be a community hub and a great tool for developers, publishers, and gamers. You can learn about the basics of our Marketplace here and even try our demo here. At GamerToken, we foster a ‘never-stop-aspiring’ ethos; as well as the features we’ve previously discussed, we’ve managed to deliver some exciting additions to our Marketplace Demo:

Renting out ERC-721 Items:

Players who grow attached to their valuable tokenized in-game items don’t need to sell them. They can instead rent them out, giving friends and other users a chance to try new unique items before they buy. We’re making this as simple as we can — the original item owner simply needs to list their items with the total cost and total rental period. Players looking to acquire the items then agree to the terms and a smart-contract will be in place to securely cement the deal.

Transparent ‘Gas’ Fees:

The Ethereum blockchain requires a fee to process transactions, this is commonly known as ‘gas’. We place the highest value on transparency, which extends to the costs of buying and selling. Our Marketplace Demo will show both proper item cost and the gas fee.

As things stand, an exact gas fee can’t be displayed until after the purchase. However, the gas fee is usually lower than what is shown and users will be refunded the difference at the end of the transaction.

Item Filtering:

We know what it’s like to have an overwhelming inventory full of trophies, legendary items, weapons, armor, and let’s face it — miscellaneous objects. For gamers who share our in-game hoarding vice, we’re providing item-filtering features so that GamerToken is part of the solution, not the problem. Our filtering function will allow for easy-item finding and organization by name or by item status, i.e. ‘on sale’, ‘offered for rental’, ‘rented’, and ‘used by game character’.

These are some of the things we’ve been working on in the last month. Follow our media channels below so that you don’t miss out on more updates. If you’d like further depth on our project, you can read our White Paper on Alternatively, reach-out to us with your questions and requests, we’ll see what we can do!






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GamerToken creates a global marketplace for buying and selling unique in-game items on the blockchain. Gamers can finally earn meaningful rewards for in-game activities within a developer-friendly ecosystem.

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