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A very important part of this community has been you the blockchain gamers and so in recognition we are starting a NEW series that will showcase top Blockchain Gamer Profiles. Follow their Profiles as they will continue to offer tips, strategies and advice in playing their favorite blockchain games and that can help you gamers!

Do you feel you have some Cred in the blockchain gaming space? Let us know if you would like to have your own Gamer Profile!

NOW introducing our first Gamer Profile, Robert Eckert a.k.a OffTheBlockChain:


Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: My real name is Robert Eckert, I am 25 years old and I live on the East Coast in Canada. I’m currently generating full time income investing in Digital Assets mainly on the ETH blockchain.I left a salary position working for a cable company to pursue a career in the blockchain industry.


Q: How did you first get into blockchain games?

A: The first blockchain games I played were faucets mainly on mobile, just time killers and most of them were too high of a payout to ever cashout.I was trying to find a way to generate a crypto portfolio without investing capital and games that implement blockchain was looking like a way to do that.


Q: What pulled you into playing Cryptobots?

A: Ever since the news headlines about CryptoKitties and how one of there digital ERC-721 Tokens sold for over $40,000 USD , I knew I had to look more into it. I eventually came across the pre-sale for Cryptobots before you could battle and I signed up to the e-mail list to wait until it was live with working features. I took 150$ worth of tokens from a failed ICO investment and purchased 2 generation 0 robots and I never looked back 🙂


Q: Where do you see the future of competitive blockchain gaming going?

A: Just like the competitive scenes like Hearthstone, League Of Legends, World Of Warcraft. Just because of the computational restrictions gaming on blockchain has doesn’t mean there isn’t a market,industry or spirit for competitive gaming with sponsorship potential. For example a weekly arena competition where 8 players face off 1v1 with their cryptobots in a swiss round like competition. Similar to how the pokemon TCG host their competitive tournaments. With blockchain being decentralized its not if but when a company decides to provide the platform for competitive blockchain gaming. Companies like C9, TSM, Echo Fox and many more throughout the world have built brands around competitive gaming and I expect those companies to be the first to sponsor pro blockchain gamers.


Q: You’re also the Manager of Cryptobots Telegram and Discord, what does that role consist of on a day to day basis?

A: I am the moderator for the discord. I just help when I can with support issues and common bugs in the support chat for telegram. Currently there is no marketing campaign in full force as they have plans later on after major updates are complete. So I decided to take it upon myself to get a headstart and help grow the community and get in some early adoptors before we go #ToTheMoon 🙂 After helping enough I asked for moderator position with a channel in discord to host competitions and the Developpers like the amazing people they are had no issues providing me that 🙂


Q: How do you manage your time competing, managing, and everyday life?

A: As someone with a passion for the gaming industry and blockchain industry, I decided to dedicate 100% of my time to building a brand and being successful within those industries. My next step will be streaming 8 hours a day and start influencing others to pursue their passion in gaming sincce there is finally a way to provide income for the ones who are dedicated to making it happen. Maybe it takes a certain type of work ethic to be able to do what I do but its something you’re passionate about anything is possible.


Q: What has been your biggest hurdle in regards to blockchain gaming?

A: Having a constant supply of ETH. Blockchain gaming is a lot like poker. You need to invest money to buy in and then the goal is to play with profits and have a consistent cashout to provide the base income. Proffesional poker players have sponsors and backers that provide the money so the player can focus more on the game and getting experience without the stress of monetary funds . Just a matter of time before investors realize they can put there money and have proffesional players provide high returns with minimal risk.


Q: What can everyone expect to see from you in the coming months?

A: I will be providing Tricks and Tips for various games via the platform that you guys have been amazing in creating . I have a lot of cryptobots content I need to get out there for you all to add to your bookmarks. I also plan to add a third game to my portfolio soon to be announced 😉


Q: Where can people follow you online?

A: The main platform where you can follow my content related to blockchain gaming would be my Gamer Profile here on . For social media you can find me on instagram as #OffTheBlockChain or #PokeRobGo. You can also always find me in the cryptobots official discord where I am the community moderator and occasionally run community contests ! Be sure to check out my army of Premium Battle Bots aswell just click my profile on the leaderboards you can always find me in the top 5 🙂

Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story and help provide useful tips to the community, i’d also like to shoutout my team the #WolfPack . They are awesome and are what helps make this game awesome , a community within a community is always positive :)Also to the OGs who i looked up to startings LoV, Mcbotz, Cryptowarrior, Cripboisnoop. Thanks to the Developpers and support staff they really do what they can. Thank you to my father who is always there supporting me in any type of venture I decide to take on and most of all Thanks to all of you players supporting blockchain games. None of us would be here playing games we love without the support of eachother so lets keep it up !

Some Tournament Earnings:

OffTheBlockChain is offering ONLY readers of this article some of his Premium Battle Bots on Auction ending at 0ETH!

Useful Documents for new players from content created from the creators. —————–Main Site ——Facebook ——–Medium —Twitter ———–Telegram ————Discord


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  1. Thanks @couldnt_deal_couldntdeal Much appreciated ! And welcome to the #WolfPack , letting everyone know we are expanding the team to 10 players it is currently at 7 . So if anyone is interested please message me at me on any platform . Looking for dedicated players looking to help grow the blockchain gaming community ! Also if there are any financial backers that want to take advantage of the income potential we are looking for team sponsors . The team will be re-made to the sponsor and a team account will always be priority in making top 5 in the tournament . Let us team up together and bring blockchain gaming #ToTheMoon

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