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When it comes to blockchain, everyone will firmly say that it is the most popular topic at the moment, no matter they understand blockchain or not. The speculation of blockchain is almost crazy. Cryptocurrency was highly active since 2017 and although it is restricted by government policies, there are hundreds of disguised ICO activities happening everyday. The talks, conferences, meetings and activities that are related to blockchain, digital assets and cryptocurrency quickly become the center of the topics, and increasing number of people are involved in the cryptocurrency stream.

The frantic enthusiasm spreads over the world and triggers global discussion and analysis on blockchain technology. However, under such circumstances, who are the persons that truly have a in-depth knowledge in blockchain technology, and who can make a absolute fair judgment? It becomes critical to educate the public on the blockchain technology to stop them from following blindly.

This is why HashWorld is designed, where you can learn blockchain technology and earn Hashcoins. It provides with an easy way to understand the basic concept of blockchain.

Hashworld is the first blockchain game that incorporates virtual economic society. Similar to Monopoly, the users can purchase the lands and collect the rents in Hashworld. The core members of Hashworld are from Tshing Hua University, one of the top universities in China. They build up a virtual parallel world, and allow the users to play interesting games to obtain digital assets, purchase lands and put their own slogan.

Ethereum-based HashWorld has absolute safety and publicity in property ownership. Each HashWorld land is unique, free-hold and can be traded without any limit. The ownership of the land cannot be changed by anyone, including the administrators of HashWorld, which well reflects the tamper-resistance characteristics of the blockchain.

Currently, Hashworld contains BlockChain Q&A page that provides with a brief introduction of blockchain technology. The popular knowledge contest is also available in Hashworld, and the quiz contents focus more on blockchain knowledge.

Hashworld wants to educate people on blockchain technology, and they are obviously not satisfied with simple games. They plan to construct a knowledge platform where the talks, lives and various physical activities are available. Moreover, it faces to both basic learners and experts. Hashworld is not only a blockchain game. Game is just one of the characteristics of Hashworld.

Hashworld plans to construct a virtuous eco-system and build the hashworld communities. The communities aim to achieve win-win situation among users, partners and the platform. Gaming is just the first step to enter the HashWorld. Through relaxing and interesting games, people with little knowledge in blockchain are able to learn to manage digital assets and enjoy blockchain benefits.

Hashworld chooses games as the basic step and will later release a series of customer-centered blockchain modules to build up the blockchain eco-system, including but not limited to connect virtual world with physical world through Hash capital platform, cultivate internal blockchain projects, and establish Hash Academy to teach blockchain knowledge etc.

Hashworld also intends to develop its social function. In the future, users can invite the nearby users as well as their friends on social networking platforms to enjoy the games together. Moreover, on the digital asset trade platform, users can build their own city and comment on each other.

Better yet, users can earn real benefit through this blockchain game. By opening the Hash Treasure, users can get token directly. By being a landlord, the users can collect rents. When the number of users increases, and with the developing HashWorld, the overall profits are improving.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and events !

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Hashworld official: Play games and earn #cryptocurrencies! Hashworld is the #blockchain version of Monopoly! Learn blockchain through games! Weekly #Airdrop!

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