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CryptoGalaxy is the world’s first virtual universe powered by the blockchain technology. The game is available in its open-beta version for Android and iOS users.

CryptoGalaxy presents a virtual mining experience where every explorer can set on a journey and use the GalaBot to dig minerals on the planets in the game. Those minerals can then be converted into Gala in the GalaxyEX. Gala is the token that is the fuel of the whole Galaxy planet ecosystem.

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New planets are released for players to conquer. Planets come in different shapes, appearance and with different mineral supply.

How to start?

· Go to

· Download the dApp for your iOS or Android smartphone

For Iphone users:

After the app is downloaded to your home screen, go to settings-general-device management-click “trust this app”(NUR.AI.GAN, TOO), the app will work then.


Download from Google Play Store:

For an alternative download, go to

Simply click on an “Android” button and app will start downloading in the background.

Create a new account:

After dApp is downloaded to your smartphone, you need to register a new account:

· Click Register

· Fill out the required fields

· Dont use Yahoo, Hotmail or Outlook email (they tend to block the confirmation email). If you cannot see the confirmation email in your inbox, check the spam or junk folder.

After registration is confirmed, check your provided email account and confirm your registration by clicking the link in the email.

Go back to the dApp and simply log in, using the chosen email and password.Click below to continue reading…

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