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In our modern society, almost everyone has heard about blockchain technology. Blockchain is one of the best technology for saving and structure information. And a lot of people may even not realize that blockchain technology is likely to have the greatest impact on such field as gaming.

The unit of blockchain technology and gaming holds great promise for the growth of both industries. Innovations in the field of blockchain gaming have broken the limits of non-fungible assets and are to keep promising developments in other areas.

To put it clearly, this generation of game provides such a business model as play-to-earn. This case creates a win-win situation in communities where players do not have to pay in game communities, instead, they receive game tokens as the reward. All transactions are transparent and clear, so players can be sure that the data will not be tampered. Therefore investors, developers and players will work together to grow the game community, in order to promote the overall value of the entire game community and each character will benefit from the community and the project.  

The project that managed to do this is, the world’ s first asset exchange and service platform focusing vertical fields for blockchain games. It suggests game developers GAEX off-chain circulation solution which supposes api and sdk easy integration. You might have already heard about its cooperation with well-known Elastos and FishChain, together created an absolutely unique project. GAEX has created the platform and exchange for games, while FishChain has established an unique playing method for Elastos. But FishChain is not the only  game that has already been placed into GAEX GAME CENTER.

GAEX launched a game called “Land Secrets” on Sept 11th. “Land Secrets” is a mining game based on Ethereum blockchain, that allows you to get rewards. The rules are simple: each land user bought has a secret number and mining height, all of which are recorded in blockchain via smart contract. If a miner, at this height, submits a block whose hash prefix matches the land secret number, then the land is determined mining successfully. If the land is mined successfully, user will get the reward through the token in his wallet such as ETH, UNC, BGX, YGO, ODIN, TQC. In addition, Land Secrets has a great opportunity while employing another interesting mode – Hits to Win, you can enable it when buying land, and it will amplify the mining reward to maximum 500x, so you can easily multiple it. Moreover GAEX supports rewards allocation according to BGX (official token) Income Rankings you got in the game what makes the game even more beneficial.

Another game listed on GAEX exchange is “Ace Chariot,” produced by ACE Chain. ACE Chain is the world’s first blockchain project that carries esports products, including user data, item trading, game battle rules, etc., which will be fully carried on the chain. It truly integrates blockchain technology and games. It has become a revolutionary blockchain application, which is also an inevitable trend in the future development of games.

“ACE Chariot” is a PvP blockchain game where tank fighting is considered to be the main action. You can battle with other players choosing your own type of Chariots: from  crawler-type tanks to military vehicles. Every type of Chariots carries its own kind of weapon and has special technique abilities, so tactics and strategy of your fight depend on a type of  Chariot you choose and is absolutely unique.

You can try a Chariot and your strategy in one of  three game modes: Standard mode (you can have 5v5 battles with random players chosen by the system), Ranking mode (this mode is available for a fee. Only players of your level will fight with you in 5v5 battles) and Advanced mode (you are the host of the game. Choose a team and a map by yourself and define the game strategy).

“ACE Chariot” has 500 thousands registered players at the moment. All users have to download the APP where players can register a game account, manage game assets  and conduct transactions. The APP supports several mini-games, so it is possible to get bonuses and additional game assets playing them.

“ACE Chariot” combines four component parts: game assets, transactions, fighting and economy. The in-game economy is based on ACET token circulation. ACET is a tradable token available on GAEX exchange. Vehicles. machines and some game modes may be bought with ACET tokens. 10 % of the total supply of ACET will be used for players rewarding!

To sum it up, we can see that  earning while playing becomes reality but not a myth anymore. The interaction of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and gaming is promising and bring the game industry for the best. Coupled with the meteoric rise of new solutions and an opportunity for developers to properly monetize and participate in the gaming community, the intersection will for sure facilitate a new gaming landscape.


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