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BitGolf, a new full 3D blockchain integrated golf game developed by BITMATRIX and service provided by VX NETWORK, a blockchain game service corporation in the Mediterranean, Malta, presales items for its game.

The item presales which was originally scheduled to commence on November 1st was put in order to improve the service quality and start from November 23 to December 8, and the presales is terminated prematurely if items previously prepared are sold out. During the presale period, golf club packages and costume packages will be sold. After the presale, the game will be launched first as a PC version, and then a smartphone version will be launched.

Item sales take place on the presale website ( and purchase GLF token by creating an account after accessing the website and paying with Bitcoin and Ethereum using the electronic wallet provided by VX Network. This presale is good news for users who are looking for an opportunity to acquire the items for the most spotlight blockchain game, BitGolf, at a discounted price.

The items to be sold are golf club packages (components: driver, wood, long iron, short iron, wedge, putter) and costume packages (components: hair, glasses, tops, bottoms, gloves and shoes). The golf club package consists of 6 golf clubs per package, and the package grades have pro, master, and champion grades. Golf clubs affect the user’s power and control abilities, which can improve the range and accuracy of the ball.

The costume package is made up of 6 outfits per package, and the package grades have pro, master, and champion grades.Costumes affect charm and mental abilities.

The prices of pro and master grade packages remain unchanged, but the price of champion grade package is designed to increase the price per item as the quantity sold increases for the benefit of early buyers.

There are a variety of presale privileges available. Items are sold at a discount rate of 20% less than the normal sales price, which gives early buyers a cost saving benefit.

The second benefit has an event to receive presale items. Early buyers and users who have sent an invitation to friends receive a privilege, receivers might get one of the champion club package components or costume package components.

The third benefit will be a special bonus refund for the amount of GLF tokens used when purchasing items. For this presale only, the VX network will pay VX coins with a value equivalent to 100% of the cost of purchasing items. The VX coin is a coin that is commonly used for all games served on VX platform, unlike GLF tokens, which are only available for BitGolf. It is scheduled to be paid in full at the start of ICO scheduled for the year.

The fourth benefit is a friend invitation special bonus. VX Network will pay 20 percent of GLF token consumed by the person receiving the invitation to a friend as GLF token.

There are various special meanings of BitGolf items presale. By purchasing items in the game earlier than other users, you can increase your winning rate and broaden your choices in game operation, helping you enjoy more freedom in games. In addition, all products are sold in limited quantities and are available for trade after service, which is expected to have potential profitability as the rare value of the products rises.

VX network serves games on a blockchain platform, VX coins can be used in future games as well. By the first quarter of next year, a total of five games will be available on the VX platform. As the number of games and gamers increase, the demand for VX coins will increase, and the value of VX coins will gradually increase.

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