From iOS to Blockchain: EOS to Bring Back Flappy Bird

Roughly 5 years ago, Flappy Bird soared to the top of the mobile gaming world as it became one of the most popular games played around the globe. Unfortunately, it also became one of the most addictive and copied games in the app stores for Apple and Google. Eventually, the original Flappy Bird was discontinued after developing a rabid following and becoming highly popular. After a half decade of urban legends and fond memories of a game that helped to transform both Android and iOS platforms, the EOS blockchain has resurrected Flappy Bird from the dead.

From Gambling to Flappy

Gambling dapps have practically taken over the EOS blockchain. In fact, blockchain users can bet or gamble on just about anything whether it’s on EOS or Tron. Even betting sites are starting to allow gamers to participate in wagering on their favorite types of games. There are sites to bet on csgo, esports betting sites and so much more. It was starting to feel like blockchains were just going to become a haven for gambling and betting games.

That’s another reason why the return of Flappy Bird has the potential to be huge. If more gamers start playing this blockchain game then it may spark a run where both EOS and Tron developers start cloning popular games from the past.

How will Flappy Bird work on EOS?

Flappy Bird will be played in the same fashion as the original iOS version. However, since the game is on blockchain now, there will be a few differences. Blockchain dapps are typically designed to offer gamers with real-world incentives. For this game, users can earn EOS or FLB tokens.

To earn the popular EOS coin, users will most likely need to get into the top rankings. For those that hold FLB tokens, they can earn dividends on them every day. Keep in mind, users will need EOS or FLB tokens to play the game.

Gamers will be offered one free try to play Flappy Bird every 12 hours. So, if users are low on coins or don’t want to lose any of their precious EOS they can take advantage of the free gameplays.

Currently, not much is known about the developers who created Flappy Bird on EOS. One thing is for sure, these developers and EOS holders are hoping that Flappy Bird can help this blockchain gain in popularity with casual gamers. Where’s Dong Nguyen, creator of the original Flappy Bird, when you need him?

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