Fresh News from “Beyond the Void” TV team

We’ve been rather quiet recently so it’s high time for some big news about our new game Light Trail Rush.

What We Did
Seeing the vast potential presented by the blockchain technology for gamers, we successfully raised funds for our game Beyond the Void in December 2016. We then started work. We can’t thank enough our amazing community!

Developing a game is both exciting and challenging, and that’s particularly the case when it comes to developing a blockchain game. Beyond the Void was released on Steam in October 2018 but because Steam doesn’t allow the use of cryptocurrencies such as our Nexium token, we also created our own mobile marketplace app Nexarium.


The Crypto Winter

At the end of 2018, the price of cryptocurrencies dropped heavily and many blockchain developers felt the pinch. Also contributing to the situation were the ongoing hurdles of getting people who weren’t familiar with blockchain to experience it. These trends forced us to rethink our approach.

The future

We’ve learned a lot over the past two and a half years, and the blockchain game sector continues to develop incredibly quickly. Not only more developers are working on blockchain games but more tools and platform companies are easing the user experience too.

At B2Expand, we believe mass adoption is only a matter of time, so we’ve set out to make a new game: Light Trail Rush, which will integrate our Nexium token and ecosystem.

Early backers of Beyond the Void: be assured we are investigating different standards and working on how we will integrate ERC20 Nexium to the new game in fun gameplay. We’ll always endeavour for leveraging interoperability.

Already five-months into production, we think Light Trail Rush is a unique experience; something that’s been proved by our initial play testing. It’s fast, exciting, involves user-generated content and is very, very social.


So join the Light Trail Rush community for more information about the game, our plans for Nexium, and a surprise blockchain welcome gift!

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