Forming Consensus In Gaming — Why It Matters (SGC)

Toni Xu, CEO of Super Game Chain, speaks about forming consensus in the gaming industry to begin the two-day blockchain and gaming conference in San Francisco, California!

Here is the script that was presented at the Blockchain Gamers Connect 2018:

Good morning, my fellow gaming and blockchain friends! It’s such a joy to see that Steel Media is so advanced in their vision to evangelize blockchain by starting a new game website: and inviting Super Game Chain (SGC) to co-host this blockchain gaming event!

I’m Toni Xu, the CEO of Super Game Chain, a geek and idealist. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Masters in Information Systems Management. I’ve been coding, publishing, building, and playing in gaming and social platforms for 11 years. I’ve witnessed and have been deeply involved in the emergence of social, mobile, and VR/AR/MR gaming, and currently working to provide a dedicated fully consensus digital ledger technology for blockchain gaming.

I’m honored to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest advancement of freedom in technology, economy, and governance in human history, with an emphasis in gaming.

How many of you have watched the movie Ready Player One? How many of you think what’s depicted in that movie is the perfect, ideal gaming world for all of us gamers? I thought so, 2 years ago too. But now, with blockchain, my mind has transformed. I suddenly realized what was considered normal, ideal, and fair is not normal, ideal, and fair any more. It was what we have been trained to accept passively to play by the rules of one person; one party; one authority. Today, we are here to break this norm. We are here to build something that has rules not by the rulers, rules that have the consensus of all that are participating. Any changes to the rules will have to have the consensus of the majority of the population. This is made possible with blockchain technology. We are here to provide the ultimate blockchain solution for gaming, to provide a fun, fair, and safe environment for everyone in this environment to build, play, and improve blockchain games together.

Let’s come back to a brief history of DLT technologies. In October 2008, a psudo-anonymous man known as “Satoshi Nakamoto” published a white paper that goes unnoticed along with a system called Bitcoin in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. [1] He then built this world’s first decentralized ledger system and called it Bitcoin. It’s so decentralized that even its creator Satoshi Nakamoto himself is decentralized. This is blockchain 1.0. The significance of Bitcoin is that you could buy a pizza with 10,000 bitcoins in 2010, and buy a house in Palo Alto with a few hundred bitcoins. Later Ethereum made crypto currencies flourish by introducing smart contracts that can automate the exchanges of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. The controversial thriving of ICO projects and companies is a product of this Blockchain 2.0. It has enabled every company, or every individual to create their own cryptocurrency and make it work, which means, everything has a value now and you can trade what you have with another entity or individual of what they have, with a value attached to them in a secure way without an intermediary. Now many companies are claiming their DLT technology is blockchain 3.0, incling Nabulas, EOS, Hashgraph, SGC etc..

These technologies come a long way; not just for its price to go up in exchanges, but also because blockchain offers the solution that other technologies could not provide before We all live in this world in order to experience with safety, to connect with trust, and to contribute with reward. The internet has greatly extended our ability to experience, to connect, and to contribute. Blockchain is here to add that safety, trust, and reward layer on top of the internet. And we will start with blockchain gaming.

People might ask: aren’t there enough of CryptoKitties, CryptoDogs, CryptoFish, CryptoCelebrities, and CryptoNations? Are there enough of blockchain games? No. Not enough. Blockchain gaming is much more than purchasing, trading, and investing in digital assets. Blockchain gaming is about a “playground” that has everyone’s consensus from gamers, developers, investors, influencers, artists, engine builders, and all. In the future, all games will be running and trading on blockchain, to be more accurate, on fully consensus digital ledger technology. Really? Why? You have to have experienced the freedom and thrilling of owning and trading some global currency that’s not controlled by any government, any banks, or any organizations to understand its power and attraction.

Why am I in blockchain gaming? I’m in blockchain gaming because I am a geek, a gamer, and a developer. I started Super Game Chain because in today’s gaming world, it is not the developers, nor the gamers, who can decide what games the developers can build, and what games the gamers can play. Who decides what game to get played by the gamers? It’s the investors, the app stores, the publishers, and the advertisers and platforms. I believe this is not right. I believe developers should be the ones to decide what games they want to build, and they should be backed by their target end gamers. I believe gamers should be the ones who can vote with their stakes on which games they want to play. I believe there can be consensus on what games should be played. That consensus will have to be made by the whole gaming ecosystem; not just a few investors, one or two app store editors, and the advertisers. I believe, together, we can make that happen with a fast, reliable, and secure blockchain solution. That is what we are here for. As to what consensus, that will be decided by who goes on the Super Game Chain. Originating out of gaming, today marks the first day we will form this consensus together backing this up with SGC solutions. Let’s get it started! If you believe in yourself, if you believe in your game, if you believe your gamers will support you, we have you backed, with funding, gamers, and the blockchain solution.


Lastly, if you’re a game developer with a blockchain game, contact to have it published on our ecosystem! Cooperate within a gaming ecosystem where consensus is the ultimate goal!

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