FLETA City Simulation Exclusive Game Airdrop

FLETA – The scalable blockchain dApp ecosystem is launching a SimCity game that is scheduled to run for 15 days and will feature an exclusive airdrop which will reward players FLETA tokens, with a $20,000 USD prize for first place.

All players will have only 15 days to play and compete the Fleta City Simulation v0.2 to race to the top of the charts. Throughout the game, FLETA tokens will randomly appear in areas within the city, simply collecting these tokens throughout the period will grant users the ability to redeem them for FLETA tokens at the end. Every day the top 5 players who collect the most FLETA tokens will earn an additional 5000 FLETA. Talk about a frenzy!

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To ensure fairness is exercised and with a little twist, each player will be limited to 5 days of total playtime throughout those 15 days. Meaning, once the total amount of hours are played (5 days worth), your account will be automatically suspended from playing any further. A player ’s highest score will be used for tallying. Though, everyone is allowed to play using multiple accounts linked to the same Ethereum Wallet address. Keep in mind that the Bounty will reset every 24 hours, this is done to fairly distribute & award FLETA tokens among active participants.

The 1st Prize Winner will earn a FLETA Special Formulator Node with an estimated value of $20,000 USD.

Following this, the top remaining 50 runner-ups will be entitled to a share of 1,000,000 FLETA tokens. In order for one to play the game, one would need to have a personal Ethereum wallet and public address, a registration ID on the platform, and an alphanumeric username and a Password.

You can begin building your own city and will have a variety of buildings and structures to select from. Always remember to collect FLETA tokens in the process of expanding your city. This can be done by clicking on the FLETA tokens that will randomly appear in-game. What this will unlock is the ability to give players and the greater crypto-space a taste of the possibilities of the kinds of dApps that can be deployed and run on top of the FLETA platform. The Fleta City Simulation is the first dApp to operate on FLETA’s Blockchain.

Learn more about the gameplay by reading the official Fleta City Simulation Guideline so you can get a better scope on how to play and begin building cities.

 FLETA is an upcoming scalable dApp Platform designed from the ground up to handle high throughput. Introducing several new mechanisms such as Independent Multichain structure and a Proof of Formulation consensus algorithm, the project has a bright team with patented technology and is one of the buzzing korean projects in the blockchain sphere to look out for.

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Fleta City Simulation Game:

Official Website: @FLETAofficialGroup


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