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Fair.Game token FAIR has been listed on the HADAX Exchange today!


June 11, 2018 –  Fair.Game is the first decentralised gaming platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. Fair.Game’s vision is to create a blockchain based platform to connect gamers and developers. The platform uses smart contracts to ensure fairness of games. Before this moment, there’s been lack of trust and honesty in the online gaming industry, even monitored and regulated platforms are still being doubted if games are 100% fair.

According to a report, there’s a total revenue of the global game market over $100bn in 2017. It has also been projected that total revenue by the year 2022 will reach $230bn. With platforms like Fair.Game at the forefront, the projected ambition seems achievable, if not surpassed as more people trust blockchain technologies.

How It Works

Online games on the blockchain are provably fair on the blockchain, using smart contracts. All rules of the game have been set from inception, and no one can modify its algorithm. Every data is entirely open and transparent; this is to ensure fairness. All data transmitted are done openly, to ensure fairness.

Following Fair Slots and Fair Texas Hold’em Poker as successful prototypes based on blockchain, Fair City, Fair.Game recent self-development game Fair City is another blockchain based game on similar blockchain protocol. As Coinspeaker has commented ”Fair.City is a real treasury found in the world of simulation games that exercises all blockchain perks to provide gamers with fair and transparent gaming environment.”, Fair City has been featured on the first page of Product hunt on the day of launch.

What’s Makes Fair.Game Different

The platform adopts the transparent features of blockchain technology, creating a one of its kind platform for gamers globally. The platform is provably fair, and rules have been set from the development phase which no one can modify. Fair.Game provides all random numbers to be proved by the public; these include game rewards, the randomness of games played, etc. All core data and codes are transparent and available for all, which ensures fairness.

Cryptocurrency isn’t easy to evaluate; it’s part currency, commodity, and technology. Unlike companies, digital currencies don’t have cash flows that are predictable and the industry is too new to evaluate. The drop in cryptocurrency value from December 2017 has made new investors into the cryptocurrency world hold back. Once things turn around, we could see new money being invested.

Smart contracts can change the way business operates. As more people get interested in the new technology, it’s only a matter of time until this gains ground.

What’s New

Fair.Game also launches fair SDK to help other game developers who want to implement same benefits presented by blockchain technologies such as fairness, game assets, digital currencies and wallets for payments. Fair Game Assets Marketplace is the third component of the Fair.Game gaming platform. Through this platform, players can freely trade the game asset (equipment, props,etc) on the chain, where blockchain technology will ensure the security and fairness. With a 30k user base, Fair Game will allows any developer with quality blockchain games to get a game up on Fair’s site, help more indie developers reach a far bigger audience and generate more revenue.

In addition, Fair.Game token FAIR has gained the opportunity to be listed on HADAX Exchange (belongs to and the company will continue to cooperate with more exchanges in future. The phase III fourth-round results of the HADAX Exchange listing coins voting event is released, and the well-known blockchain game platform Fair.Game wins the third place, gaining the opportunity to be landed on HADAX Exchange. According to the project leader, Fair.Game will work harder as the pay back to fans’ support and continue to land on more exchanges. As the Fair.Game’s cooperation with HADAX exchange effect, the FAIR Token has risen more than 40% in 24 hours last week. Huobi HADAX will take a snapshot of HT assets held in user accounts on 14:00 June 11, 2018 (GMT+8) and perform an airdrop of 200,000 FAIR to HT holders.

The above-mentioned airdrop of 200,000 FAIR will be divided across HT users proportionately according to their HT holdings. The airdrop will be deposited to the beneficiary HADAX trading account within 7 working days after the snapshot is completed.

Fair.Game Website –

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