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F1 Eqution Aims to Gamify Blockchain Technology

Blockchain games are very popular in last year. Variety of DAPPs has drew the attention of the public. In addition to enjoying the thrill of the game, DAPP also gives you the opportunity to earn money.F1 Eqution is one of the most popular DAPPs in 2018.

It is hardly surprising that gamers are now looking at how blockchain technology can enhance their gaming experience. The latest game looking to tap into this trend is F1 eqution (F1), an extensible strategy card game built on the EOS Network.

F1 eqution (F1) is the FOS team launched the first completely de-centric wealth upgrade class Dapp game, based entirely on the native development of the EOS Smart contract. Based on the FOMO class game prototype, summed up the FOMO game dividend speed is slow, the game time is too long and other defects, integration of blockchain games, financial products and many other investment returns product advantages of the first wealth upgrade game, as long as the download and installation of the app can participate.

In a round of games, divided into refueling phase and arena stage, players can use EOS to purchase refueling phase fuel (Fuel) and Arena Stage nitrogen (FITROGENL). The refueling phase does not reverse the timer, the game stage purchase behavior will restore the inverted timer 20 seconds (the initial 12 hours, 6 hours). Refueling stage every purchase behavior will make the price of fuel small rise, the arena stage every purchase behavior will make FITROGENL price rise quickly.

Refueling Phase

As the game progresses and later players continue to buy fuel, previous players will continue to receive up to 120% dividends from the game (based on the proportion of fuel held).

When the 120% dividend is reached, the fuel held automatically clears, the player no longer enjoys the dividend, the player needs to participate in the game from the new purchase fuel. Fuel holders who do not reach the 120% dividend reward will enjoy a permanent shareholder dividend in the Arena Stage Shareholder award pool until the end of the round, with a dividend rate of up to 500%.

Arena Stage

When the game refueling phase sold 200,000 fuel, the game temporarily 8 hours, time to immediately enter the arena stage, while starting the time Countdown and fleet mechanism system. When the timer countdown to 0 or the last person to buy the №500000 FITROGENL becomes the champion, win the prize pool 45% Bonus! At the same time the champion’s last chosen team becomes the winning team, deciding on the distribution ratio of the other part of the prize pool, and if the winner is finally selected by the Ferrari team, all players are awarded 50% of the prize pool by holding the fitrogenl ratio. When the sale of 200,000 fitrogenl, the player accumulated purchase FITROGENL each full 500 EOS will be excavated to get 5 fos, holding FOS coin will be Exchange prize pool dividend, each round of the game, holding FOS participants can pay dividends, and immediately to the account.

Special game mechanism and play

Refueling stage players do not be eliminated by the dividend reward, need to remain the original shareholders, enjoy the Arena Stage shareholder award pool dividend rights. Every time you buy fitrogenl in the Arena stage, players can choose to join any of the four fleets, and the final winner’s final purchase behavior will be the winning team, and team supporters will split half of the prize in the jackpot. Players can get an extra 20% invitation bonus by inviting the invitation code and inviting others to play the game.

So how to play F1?

Just open, and log in your wallet, then buy fuel. More fuel you owned, more money you earned.

When you get 1.2 times the gain, you will be out automatically. This means you have the opportunity to enter at any time.

The end-of-game game is to purchase all the remaining Fitrogenl in the Arena Stage, which will get 95% of the championship prize pool to win the grand prize, and end the round of the game, starting a new round of new games.

It is completely overwhelming to the big players, but for the well-funded players, this is undoubtedly a huge prize pool.

In this way, players who participated in the early stage can earn money and avoid the situation where no one takes over. Because of the 95% prize pool, it is very tempting. However, small households are not possible, but they can guarantee the benefits. Make the previous players have enough income to start a new round of games

I heard that the project has found a player to end-of-game. It seems that the project is very reliable.

F1 is an opportunity to make a fortune.

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