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F1® Delta Time “Time Trials” Have Begun


The progression for the development of F1 Delta Time has been moving at a coordinated pace. Within only a months time many stages have been gone through. Their NFT items crate sale, Workshop interface upgrades, four associated contests, and now onto the Time Trials.

Players were offered the opportunity to purchase the first release of F1 licensed digital collectibles through the crate sale. Then with those items they could expeiment and setup their cars, drivers, and components in the Workshop

With their NFT setups the players could test them out in the “Ultimate Collectors” contests, which was centered around building the best compositions. The Time Trials however focus on using their configurations to acheive the best times around simulated F1 Grand Prix circuits.

Circuits will be rotated every 24 hours, with one circuit available per day. The first two Time Trial sessions of each day are always free to play, but additional sessions can be unlocked by spending ETH (in the future, this will be switched over to use REV).

Each circuit has different demands and this affects how the results are calculated. This happens by multiplying the stat points of a category which is important to that specific track. For example, a circuit which demands a high level of Grip, might have a Grip multiplier. If a player enters a race on a circuit as above, with a pre-race Grip of 100, then they would benefit from a high Grip value.

The fastest lap you can achieve on each daily circuit is then used to tabulate your score at the end of the week, which will be visible on the weekly leaderboards. The top placements on the Leaderboard will be rewarded, with the rewards varying over time — from ETH, to REV and even NFTs.

The first version of the Time Trial will payout rewards based on an accumulated pool of ETH which comes from players paying for extra entries. Every player gets two free attempts per-day on the current track, with extra attempts costing 0.01 ETH.

At the end of the week, the pool is then distributed to the top 6 players — 3 from Tier A, and 3 from Tier B. The payout weighting for each of the pools, is based on the amount of plays that have occurred on that Tier e.g. if a player spent 0.01 to play at Tier B, that will go into the Tier B reward pool.

The distribution breaks down as follows:
1st Place: 40%
2nd Place: 20%
3rd Place: 10%
Rollover: 20%
Operations: 10%

The Rollover will carry to the next week, to boost the reward pool, but also act as a larger payout at the end of the month, when the pool is fully emptied and paid out.

For the launch week, there will be additional prizes:
Tier A Winner: 2 ETH
Tier B Winner: Epic Car + Driver Pair

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