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ExoPlanets – A new 3D crypto game with real data from NASA!

ExoPlanets is a new space exploration crypto game based on the Ethereum Blockchain that incorporates innovative and unseen before features.

Players can buy and sell ExoPlanets, which are ERC721 Non-Fungible Tokens. The Players will also be able to grow life and civilizations on their ExoPlanets and evolve it to a level of space exploration capabilities. Once your ExoPlanet’s evolution stage reaches the Space Technology era, you will be able to travel to other resource planets and gather resources to further your galactic expansion. Every ExoPlanet is different from another with various attributes and graphics!

Goals of the game:

  • Buy and own an ExoPlanet. Be quick about it! Since the ExoPlanets are directly linked to NASA’s database, there are only about 3700 planets that are known to humanity during the writing of this article, and ExoPlanets will be released in very small quantities every now and then, so make sure you get your hands on one! Every time an ExoPlanet is sold, it’s price increases!
  • In order for an ExoPlanet to reach the Space Technology era, every ExoPlanet will be matched with one of the top 50 crypto coins on CoinMarketCap. The ExoPlanet’s evolution and growth will directly be affected by the matched crypto coin’s performance in the real live crypto market (Crypto Matching™). If the crypto coin that is matched to the player’s ExoPlanet performs well and rises in value, the ExoPlanet will evolve faster.
  • Once the ExoPlanet reaches the last evolutionary stage, the Space Technology era, the owner will be able to send spaceships to take over smaller resource planets all across the galaxy. Each spaceship will cost ExoTokens and will take time to reach its destination. However, ExoTokens can also be used to speed up time consuming actions like evolving the ExoPlanet faster or reducing the spaceship’s travel time.
  • Mining resources will commence as soon as the player lands on a resource planet, and the player will have to log in once a day to claim his mining rewards. Claiming the resources that were mined will convert them to ExoTokens. The amount of ExoTokens the player receives depends on the rarity of the resource that was mined on that planet.
  • If a player fails to claim his rewards for the day, mining will stop until the player claims his current rewards, thus proving he is actively playing the game, which will allow him to mine (Proof-Of-Gaming™).
  • At the end of each round, the players leading the galaxy board with the most resource planets will win the prize pool. Players will have to play strategically to reach their goals. The more resource planets your ExoPlanet controls, the higher the value of your ExoPlanet is and the higher your chances are to win the prize pool!

Make sure to check out our website to get a glimpse of the game’s look and feel, and follow us on all our social media channels to get important updates, information, news and teasers from the development team and much more awesome stuff!

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Written by Yaron K

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