Exclusive Interview With The Team From Lucid Sight!

The blockchain gaming industry will be seeing its first space adventure dApp game coming out soon and the team from Lucid Sight are the ones that will be taking us “where no man has gone before!”

We welcome and had the great pleasure of doing this interview with Lucid Sight to learn more about their well versed game development company and their game, Crypto Space Commander (CSC).

1) Can you please tell us about the Lucid Sight team and the mission statement for the company?

In 2015 Lucid Sight was formed by Randy Saaf, Octavio Herrera, and Fazri Zubair. Randy & Octavio had early success in mobile gaming with their company Jirbo as a launch partner with the Apple App Store where they had 14 of the first 100 free games. Jirbo eventually transformed into AdColony, which sold to Opera Media Works for $350 million. They teamed up with our CTO and Studio Head, Fazri Zubair, due to his knowledge of the gaming space and his experience running a dev studio. From there they built the team from the ground up with game industry veterans hailing from EA, Crystal Dynamics, and DreamWorks, and with experience in all aspects of game development spanning console, mobile, PC, and web. The vision for Lucid Sight is to explore emerging technologies such as Mobile Apps, AR, VR and blockchain gaming.

2) Looking at your portfolio you guys have great experience in the mobile to VR game development space. So why transition into this new blockchain technology?

Although Lucid Sight began as an application & game development studio in 2015, we saw AR and VR as a new medium for entertainment and decided to focus our development efforts on that space. We have done several VR titles including work for high-profile properties like Justice League. Crypto has always been a point of interest for our CEO Randy & CTO Fazri, and as we saw the Ethereum platform develop in 2015 / 2016 we felt it was the right medium for the company to focus its efforts on. Late 2016 / early 2017 we began blockchain development focusing on gaming and collectibles. What’s exciting about this space is that it represents a completely new frontier-not just in games, but ultimately in the way we fundamentally live. Now those who regularly spend countless hours playing games can have both ownership of the items they buy or create and also become participants in the real-world economy of these games via cryptocurrency.

3) We see you have a blockchain game called CryptoEmoji. Was the main purpose for the development of that game to be a learning process for the creation of your grander scale blockchain game Crypto Space Commander (CSC)?

Both our mobile titles Cryptibles and CryptoEmoji represent our first foray into the blockchain gaming space and they have definitely paved the way for some of the more ambitious projects we’re developing. While the majority of blockchain gaming currently happens on the web, the future will be on mobile, PC, and even console. These titles have allowed us to begin developing the backbone of our own proprietary engine for blockchain game development, the cornerstone for titles like the upcoming Crypto Space Commander. We learned valuable lessons about scaling and blockchain chain architecture that allowed us to refine our development theories and helped us further develop our design strategy and our Crypto Core Loop.

4) How long was the development process for CSC? Was it a difficult task to incorporate blockchain tech with the unity3D Engine?

Crypto Space Commander, or CSC, is an ongoing project in development at Lucid Sight which all in all began early 2017. CSC started as one of our early ideas of a game that would benefit from having a blockchain-secured economy. Our team is very familiar with Unity3D and has developed several mobile titles in Unity for companies like Viacom, Warner Brothers, and Mattel. We felt it was important to create a GREAT gaming experience and Unity allows us to do that. Blockchain integration was challenging, but we have been able to successfully integrate and deploy a mobile app using Unity and the Ethereum Blockchain. Cryptibles is our current live example of the two systems working hand in hand.

Our CTO Fazri is very active in our Discord & Telegram channels, and he is always happy to answer questions and share our development experience with other Unity devs looking to do something similar.

5) What are some key things about CSC that players can look forward to gameplay wise?

For CSC our goal is to build an epic space game that evolves based on how players interact within the universe. An issue that prevents a lot of these types of MMOs from achieving more mainstream success is accessibility and ease of use. With CSC we are keeping the learning curve low so that new and more casual players can gradually ease into the experience. We’ve created two key areas in our game to help achieve this: Core Space and Fringe Space. Core Space is great for new players, a relatively safe area that allows new users to begin exploring and interacting with others in the world. Fringe Space, however, will be more like the wild west, offering greater reward at greater risk.

6) Will CSC be more of a spaceship adventure game or spaceship building and collecting game?

CSC will definitely lean more toward the adventure genre. The backbone of CSC is space exploration as we offer players the opportunity to explore our home solar system, Sol, and all of its 900 star systems within a 50 light year radius. Players can command space ships, mine for resources to craft new weapons and items, and offer their creations within the economy of the game, based entirely on Ether. Players can also discover new alien races who may become friend or foe depending on the outcome of first contact. CSC will allow the player to create their own unique experience as they delve into the world. Most will fit into one of three categories: active players who are known members of the gaming community who craft, trade, explore and battle for resources; miners/crafters who may be less involved in the moment-to-moment gameplay experience yet become experts in crafting and creating weapons and utilities; and finally those who support and expand the industry of the game by creating P2P contracts to buy resources and manufacture ships and modules. This allows us to offer a customized experience based on player preference and play style.

7) There are some AR blockchain games out there already so would you guys plan on upping the level by adding VR to Crypto Space Commander?

Since both AR and VR are part of the DNA of Lucid Sight, we always consider ways of adding these technologies to our titles as long as they feel like a natural progression during the evolution of the game. For a title like Crypto Space Commander, both elements of AR and VR definitely would enhance the feeling of being fully immersed in the world and we’re currently exploring opportunities for integration, but first we have to ensure that the core gameplay experience delivers on four key pillars we call MOBE – Mining, Ownership, Battle and Exploration.

8) Why did you guys decide on going the crypto collectible sales route instead of holding an ICO?

Lucid Sight is a venture-backed game studio, so isn’t taking the ICO route.

For Lucid Sight, what’s paramount is creating great gameplay experiences. We’re excited about blockchain because it helps to facilitate what gaming should’ve always offered – a shared involvement with the community of players who support it.

As an established game studio, we have the team and resources to make CSC a reality. We feel that an ICO isn’t right for us; we aren’t developing a new blockchain, sidechain or tech platform, but instead focusing our time and efforts on building a solid game. We view our pre-sale of assets as a way of seeding the community and helping them get involved / become active contributors for the early game economy.

When CSC launches there will be an influx of new players who will need ships, modules, weapons and resources. Our Early Commanders – presale buyers – will be the main source for ships and modules and will be pivotal to establishing and growing the game economy. They will do this by crafting, selling, or being the first to mine and refine resources. Our goal is that 90% of all transactions in CSC happen between commanders. This game will push for a P2P economy with our commanders having a vested interest in the growth and prosperity of the CSC universe.

9) What are the short and long term goals Lucid Sight aims to achieve in the blockchain gaming industry?

In the short term, we’re laser focused on building our studio and creating great titles for our audience. We’re excited about Crypto Space Commander because it’s the perfect launch pad for us, as the gameplay we’re offering is easily accessible to audiences completely unfamiliar with blockchain gaming. Our long term goal at Lucid Sight is to become the premiere developer in blockchain gaming. In line with the philosophy behind decentralized app development, we’ll continue to be thought leaders within the space, sharing our experiences to help other developers produce great titles. In addition to our own original IP, we’re also working with several major brands to bring blockchain gaming to even more mainstream audiences later this year.

We’d like to thank the Lucid Sight team very much for taking the time out of their busy schedules to talk with for this exclusive interview.

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