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Exclusive interview with the Founder of LORDLESS, Mr.Eury Chen

1) Hello Eury, please offer us an introduction to you and your team? Why did you guys decide on making a DApp?
I am Eury Chen, I worked for Video++ as Technical Partner until Video++ was acquired through Alibaba’s $100 million investment; I have always positioned myself as a programmer, even though it is now the founder of LORDLESS. So most of our team members are technically born and we are more focused on business models, product experiences and are good at solving problems from the user’s point of view.
DApp’s are the closest product to users. It is our advantage to make user-oriented products. What’s more, blockchain is still a particularly niche technology. This industry needs better DApp’s to face users so that more people can enjoy it.

2) Can you give us an overview of LORDLESS? How does the game basically work? 

LORDLESS is a decentralized task distribution platform with game as carrier. In the face of industry changes and evolution, platform choices help those who have the ability and ideas to attract fans, guide traffic, manage the community, and output value. Because the platform for providing services is a win-win community with relatively decentralized thinking, the energy of multi-person participation, joint decision-making, and collective creation is far higher than the completely centralized single-player. But reckless supporting the platform is not a wise move.

Think about these two questions: 

• Can the business profit be split again?

• Can it bring positive feedback to the whole industry after being divided into individual agents? 

In the light of two questions in the previous section, using digital assets as a reward to drive users to complete the target task, can the profit be split again? Can it bring positive feedback to the industry? The LORDLESS team believes that we can achieve this change via the NFT. 

LORDLESS splits the token distribution capacities of the platform creatively and injects the capacity into specific NFT assets by posting quests. We define this process as ‘Platform Service Digitalizing’, PSD. LORDLESS expects to link the task distribution function with tavern in the form of a smart contract so that tavern has a capability of platform-independent token distribution. 
The most significant difference between LORDLESS and all current blockchain applications or blockchain games is that LORDLESS has a positive value inflow, not a “Pass the parcel” game, nor a zero-sum game or even a negative sum game.



3) What makes your game stand out from other game DApps? What are the most interesting features?

Most of the NFT assets on the market are drum-games. NFT assets have no real value but in LORDLESS, we give the actual value of each Tavern (NFTs). 

The real world traffic model is mainly based on the passenger traffic economy with geographic location advantage. The higher traffic volume a business cluster has, the higher the sales of shops will be. However, the increased sales of shops in the shopping cluster usually have little effect on the passenger traffic itself. LORDLESS is based on the thinking of the real business cluster and hopes that “traffic” and “traffic carrier” combined into a closed loop, which is “traffic ecology.”

One of tavern’s core functions is to distribute multiple digital assets. The traditional airdrop mode has no interactive interface, and it is costly and not friendly to the user. In LORDLESS, hunters complete the quests in the tavern through the game interface and the tavern’s level determines how many quests to be distributed. Taverns with stronger quest distribution capability will attract more bounty hunters accordingly. The completion of quests by these hunters will level taverns up to complete a closed loop of traffic-ecology.

4) What are the reasons why that intrigued you to transfer your game to TRON from Ethereum? 

1.TRON’s no txn fee, high concurrency and 0 learning costs in Solidity language

2.We see that Tron is a team that has been serious and steady. We are optimistic about their future.

5) Were there many hurdles to perform this transfer? What was the most difficult part of this exchange?

It was very smooth! Tron staff were very friendly and professional, we are happy that we get along very well.



6) What advice can you offer new game devs interested in entering the blockchain gaming space?

1. More gameplay, less gambling. Imagine making a blockchain game that your grandmother can play.

2. Be sure to lay a solid foundation. Pay attention to code security. Be sure to write test cases.

3. When your blockchain technology becomes stronger, don’t forget to write more articles to share your blockchain technology. Let more people know the charm of blockchain!

7) How do you feel about the recent crypto bear market related to the blockchain gaming industry? Have you noticed any negative consequences because of it?

Blockchain is a great technology, crypto market is financial. Technology can be developed independently and the blockchain landing scene is not just financial. I think that in the short-term, one or two-years the crypto market will have a great impact on the development of the blockchain. But in the long run, blockchain games will have another way to have its own blue ocean.



8) “Where do you see blockchain gaming and LORDLESS going to be in a few years time?

With the development of blockchain and AI technology, blockchain technology can penetrate into more scenarios. In the next 3-5 years, LORDLESS can truly make all the stories in the game happen on the blockchain. The series of random unpredictable stories, even using deep learning techniques to make LORDLESS more reasonable. But this requires constant improvement of the infrastructure, including all images, APIs, data storage, caching mechanisms, all of which are implemented using blockchain technology. I believe that our ship is not just on a river but on a vast ocean.

We’d like to thank Mr.Eury Chen very much for taking the time out of his schedule to talk with us for this interview.

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