Exclusive Interview With The CEO of Bitguild, Jared Psigoda

Bitguild are taking blockchain gaming to the next level! They are the first game developers that we know who are building their own entire blockchain gaming platform down from the games to their own unique Ethereum wallet.

We welcome and had the great pleasure of doing a Q/A with the company CEO, Jared Psigoda ( to learn more about their platform and the great company.

Q. Hello Jared, So how will Bitguild be different than what is out there now in the video gaming world?

“BitGuild aims to build a robust ecosystem for gamers and developers alike. The BitGuild platform will contain many blockchain games, an exchange for trading items between them, as well as community forums and chat for players to interact directly with developers. The platform will also feature the ‘Design House’, where developers will be able to crowd fund their game through an ‘Initial Game Offering’.”

Q. You have a great team. How did Bitguild come together?

“In my 10+ years working in the world of video games, I’ve made a number of great connections with highly skilled people from all corners of the industry. When it came time to form the team, I already had a wide talent pool to pick from. I’m thankful the team has come together in the way that it has – full of people who truly believe in our vision, ready to usher in a new era for gamers, game developers, and video games as a whole! We’ve got the right team for the challenge, with each individual member possessing unique strengths perfectly suited to the task at hand, and a great board of advisors including Justin Sun of TRON. You can learn more about our illustrious team at

Q. What are the advantages of building your platform on the blockchain and do you think all game devs will eventually be moving in this direction?

“It’s hard to say what the future might bring, but I believe blockchain games are set to create a similar type of revolution the free-to-play model brought us. Blockchain enables us to put power and control back into the hands of players by giving them true choice over what they can do with their in-game items – a core concept that helped make all types of games (including physical mediums, such as trading card games) popular to begin with. Maybe not every forthcoming game will be fully on the blockchain, but we will most likely start seeing elements of blockchain games in places we didn’t have them before.”

Q. Most of the DApp games that are coming out seem like replicas of Cryptokittes. Will your games follow those same gameplay mechanics or does Bitguild have something else up it’s sleeve?

“BitGuild intends to create appealing and innovative blockchain games. What games look like today, and what they will look like tomorrow are two completely different things. BitGuild: The Game is still in early development – It could take any shape by the time we are ready to tell you more about it – Stay tuned! We will also have several partnerships with third party developers to create games on the BitGuild Platform, so there should eventually be something to suit all tastes.”

Q. Can you tell us what genres of games you plan on making?

“We aren’t comfortable limiting ourselves to any one kind of genre. We believe in implementing blockchain technology into existing game models, and taking it step by step from there. Cryptogames as a whole are still in their infancy, and it will be interesting to see what they grow up to be.”

Q. How will your games be different than free to play games?

“Free-to-play titles generally go out of their way to implement semi-abusive gameplay systems designed to drive microtransaction spending. We intend to place heavy focus on true item ownership, and the ability to freely trade and sell between players. The way we see it, artificial restrictions will be a thing of the past. An item or currency in a game should behave in mostly the same way as their real-world counterparts, with the added benefits that come from existing in a digital space on the blockchain.”

Q. Will you implement the p2p inter-crossing of virtual goods in your games and more interestingly will the games themselves crossover?

“We are definitely open to exploring such avenues. One of the beautiful things about blockchain gaming is the ability for items and currencies to exist beyond the confines of a game. We may keep it at a manageable level at first, but complete item decentralization is the ultimate goal.”

Q. Can you tell the community what exactly is Bitguild’s Design House? Why would you allow for other developers to add content to your platform?

“The BitGuild Design House is a main pillar of the Bitguild Pantheon. It’s going to allow any developer to submit a game design plan, and for the existing community of players to give their thoughts, input, and most importantly, financial support for the developer to make their game. We’re bringing game crowdfunding to a more transparent and dedicated level than something like Kickstarter, by placing real focus on player-developer communication, and direct interaction. Developers could, for example, offer pre-sale items in their upcoming game in the form of tokens, or work directly with dedicated backers to create custom items just for them as a unique reward.

Should a developer get their project funded, they’ll be able to harness the power of the community for invaluable feedback, perhaps even finding interested parties to work on the project alongside them. This opens a whole new avenue of possibilities for player-developer interaction, such as potential revenue share and professional collaboration. Bringing third party developers into our platform ecosystem is something we see as a boon, and a necessary part of building a strong community.”

We’d like to thank Jared Psigoda and the Bitguild team very much for taking the time out of their busy schedules to talk with for this exclusive interview.

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