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Exclusive Interview With Ross Krasner, Co-Founder & CEO of Ryu Coin

Ryu Coin offers a win-win situation for both the gamers and game developers. With Ryu Coin you can be a pro gamer from home playing their online real-money tournaments. And for the game developers the platform presents a new source of income, developers who integrate Ryu Coin tournaments into their games will receive commissions on players that enter Ryu tournaments. We found out more about Ryu Coin with CEO Mr.Ross Krasner.

1) Hello Mr.Krasner, you and your team have such diverse backgrounds so how did you guys decide to get into the blockchain gaming space. Please give us an introduction?

We were playing Rocket League one night and Wyatt, my co-founder, challenged me to a game where the loser had to make the winner breakfast. After an intense game where every shot mattered and ever score was exuberant, we realized that a real-world prize made our competitive game much more exciting and that we could share a similar experience by offering real-money tournaments. When we looked at the solutions out there we realized pretty quickly we could improve upon the user experience with blockchain.


2) What are the unique features that you would like to point out from your Dapp gaming platform that you offer both game devs and gamers?

Ryu Coin is a token designed exclusively to facilitate real-money tournaments using everyday video game competitions, where users will have the opportunity to win real-money prizes when competing against others in tournaments.

Ryu Coin Game Partner  AXE.IO

3) Did you explore other blockchains and what were the advantages to base your platform on the NEO blockchain?  

Yes, we began development on Ethereum  We ultimately decided on NEO primarily because of its quick transaction times, cheap GAS fees and easy development platform.  


4) What exact components of Ryu Coin will be utilizing blockchain technology and how will it be optimized?

Every tournament will be secured by a smart contract on the NEO network. All entry fees and prizes that are paid in this ecosystem will use our NEP-5 token, Ryu Coin. In addition, our dispute mechanism creates a semi-decentralized mechanism that will allow for the system to self-regulate data reporting and attempts at cheating.


5) Which games and types of games will you be presenting on your platform? Any plans on incorporating any big game developers or publishers?

Our API will be available to any online multiplayer game of skill. So far we have four partners including Infinity Games, which has over 30 million downloads, and AXE.IO, which was a top 200 adventure app in the app store.

We are taking a two-pronged approach. First, we are starting with outreach and incentives for indie developers that will bring users for initial adoption. Then we will begin outreach to big developers that would solidify mass adoption.


6) Are there certain criteria that you are looking for from game developers to register on Ryu Coin? Any information that the interested game devs should know before submitting their games?

The game must be a game of skill. We can work with developers to turn their game into a multiplayer game and from there, when our API is available, we will help them implement our real-money tournament system.

Interested game devs should know that real-money tournaments has been proven to increase revenue, reach and retention. By inclusion in our catalogue, small developers will be able to market their game to a bigger audience on the Ryu ecosystem.

Game Partner Guardian Earth HD

7) What stage are you at on your Roadmap? What would you say has been the most difficult and time consuming stage of your journey so far and why?

We are currently developing our product and undergoing a private sale to accredited investors. Our product and public token sale should be ready mid to late December.

The biggest challenge has been developing a simple user interface for the non-crypto community. Our target audience is gamers, many of whom have never purchased a cryptocurrency or used a wallet. Making our user-onboarding process easy to understand and quick has been a challenge, but I’m confident we’re coming out with a product ready for mass adoption.


8) How do you feel about the current blockchain gaming industry, the integration with eSports and where do you see the future of blockchain technology in gaming going?

I think the blockchain gaming industry has a lot of promising projects and I’m excited to see its growth tied to the explosive growth of eSports in general. I think gaming and blockchain have natural synergies and if a cryptocurrency is going to get mass adoption, it will be in gaming.


9) What are the short and long term goals for Ryu Coin? Will your platform be able to continually adapt to this rapidly changing industry?

Short term, we want to finish developing our product and conduct a successful public token sale that gets Ryu Coin in the hands of as many users as possible. Long-term, we’d like to grow the business and not just adapt, but lead change in this industry by constantly innovating and staying nimble.


We thank Mr.Ross Krasner and his team very much for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk with for this exclusive interview.

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