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Exclusive Interview with CEO of WAR FIELD, Mr. Andrius Mironovskis

With the rapid technological advancements in the gaming industry it is drawing that line whether eSports can be acknowledged as a real sport even closer. Consider for example the usage of VR. To play a game that now incorporates VR the gamer will need physical skills that a human athlete would use such as quick reflexes, coordination and balance. Another new breakthrough element is blockchain technology and the how it is amalgamated into the game. War Field has incorporated blockchain through monetarily rewarding gamers for using their skills in the game. Which is exactly  how pro athletes would be compensated for playing their sport. With this interview we get more details into how WAR FIELD has done this and play their part in supporting the evolution in eSports. 


1)  Hi Mr. Mironovskis, please introduce you and your team’s industry backgrounds and how you all got together?

My professional background is in UI/UX, but I’ve been involved in a number of startups prior to WAR FIELD where I got to know a lot of great software developers as well as blockchain, gaming, and marketing experts. My involvement in a blockchain company called Miner One got me thinking: “what if we could use cryptocurrency to monetise gameplay and let players cash in on their skills?”

Sure, there have been other attempts to do this, but most of them fail because few provide good content. Seems they simply hope for voluntary adoption, or put something lame on the table that doesn’t get players excited. WAR FIELD is “content + crypto”. We think this will be the winning formula. So getting WAR FIELD going meant bringing together a team that is excited about the possibility of combining those two very popular technologies gaming and cryptocurrency – in a way that makes players want to play.

WAR FIELD’s Chief Developer Donatas Kanapickas and I worked together on several small gaming projects before deciding it’s time to do something big. Donatas has almost a decade of experience in web, software, and game development, and is passionate about the newest rendering technologies and graphics programming. He has worked on all kinds of 3D projects ranging from virtual reality applications to webGL product visualisations. In recent years he has primarily been focusing on graphics programming, the newest game technologies, and general game development, so for us he is ideal.

Systems Administrator Julius Serenas and I go way back we’ve been friends since childhood. We cut our teeth playing games like Doom, GTA, Need for Speed, Counter-Strike…Julius is a RedHat-certified UNIX engineer and masterful DevOps specialist. So the idea that we can make our own game occurred to us quite naturally. We also know from watching tournaments that playing for real stakes makes gaming that much more exciting…and potentially profitable. So adding cryptocurrency you can stake on your gameplay makes sense.

The rest of our team includes not just top-notch game developers and designers, but also cryptocurrency, business, and marketing experts no less qualified. Marketing is key to WAR FIELD’s success. You can have a great product and idea, but if no one knows about it, it won’t succeed.

So I am very proud that we have attracted such industry veterans to our advisory board as Adalberto Bruno (Electronic Arts), James Dillon (EA Mobile, Sony PlayStation, Square Enix-Mobile, Orange France Telecom),Tom Frisina (Bally Technologies, Electronic Arts, Imagination Park Entertainment, thatgamecompany), Dylan Sharkey (LinkedIn), Scott Shirley (professional gamer: HALO and Call of Duty), and Benjamin Turshana (Electronic Arts, IGN, GameSpy). They are giving us very valuable advice on how to develop WAR FIELD and take it big.

You can check out our team’s bios here.


2) What makes your blockchain-based game WAR FIELD so appealing to gamers?

WAR FIELD makes it possible for ordinary players to cash in on their gaming skills. You stake the game’s cryptocurrency Ethereum-based GOLDER tokens on your gameplay. You win GOLDER from opponents you defeat. Then, once we unlock it at the end of our token sale, which is currently in progress, you can withdraw and sell GOLDER just like bitcoin or ether. As you may know, first-person shooters like WAR FIELD are the most popular genre of games.


3) Can you give the readers here some unknown cool tips and tricks in playing WAR FIELD?

Sure, I’d be happy to. First of all, don’t sit in one place for too long. Best to keep moving. There are very few places on our first battleground – the mystery ship MS Vanguard – where you won’t be visible from some angle, and every shot you fire reveals your position. But may be common sense.

A cool feature we’ve introduced is that your footsteps are inaudible when moving in “crouch” position. This lets you sneak up on opponents, though it also slows you down. For now, you can leap even from very tall objects without harm to your character, though we may change this in the future to make the game more realistic.

Headshots do the most damage and sniper rifles are extremely accurate, but are relatively slow to reload. Many people are surprised how accurate pistols can be, especially when using the “aim” feature, though the number of rounds per clip is relatively small.

Whatever your weapon, it’s a good idea to reload it whenever possible. As in other FPS games, toggling rapidly from left to right and jumping while under attack makes you harder to hit.


4) What can you tell us about the PS4, XBOX and mobile versions of WAR FIELD? Will it be a similar process of applying blockchain for each different platform?

Ethereum-based GOLDER tokens will work in every version. We believe that to successfully monetise gameplay and reach the maximum number of players, we need to make WAR FIELD available on all of the most popular gaming platforms, so that is what we plan to do.

5) Has your team ever considered making in-game items such as weapons and ammunitions be individual NFT’s which can be bought and resold in a marketplace and incorporated into your crypto-powered game economy?

WAR FIELD in-game items cost so little that practically everyone can afford them. For now, we don’t see much need to focus on making it possible to sell or buy such items outside the game. We think winning cryptocurrency from your opponents and cashing it on cryptocurrency exchanges is a much more interesting and potentially lucrative opportunity for gamers.


6) From your experiences so far, what advice would you offer game devs who would like to build their own blockchain game?

My sincere advice would be an invitation to join us! As I’ve already noted, we have a winning formula for attracting players and development funding. And we love new ideas. So contact us! We are very interested in making more games available using the GOLDER economy and we want it to be a fast, convenient, and profitable way for game devs to get their games into the hands of players.


7) Recently the Ethereum network was backed up again and their gas prices increased quite a bit. Has this affected WAR FIELD in any way and how will you prevent these issues from affecting your game in the future?

GOLDER are Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens, so when you withdraw and trade them outside the game, they are subject, of course, to whatever conditions the Ethereum network sets. But inside the game, they move between players through our own internal system which does not rely on the Ethereum network.


8) How has your token pre-sale been going along so far? What are some of the steps you have been taking to make it go as your team has planned?

For Round One of our Token Pre-Sale we allocated 150 million GOLDER at 60% OFF. We sold them in six days. The same amount of tokens offered during Round Two at 55% OFF were sold out within three days, bringing the total amount raised in USD to nearly $1.5 million (as of 10 July). So we are seeing accelerating interest in the WAR FIELD token sale and believe the value of GOLDER tokens will rise along with the growing popularity of the game. Our goal is to achieve parity between one GOLDER and one US cent by the end of our Token Sale in November…and to grow the value of GOLDER even further by developing the WAR FIELD game with additional features and battlegrounds, creating mobile and console versions, and adding new games to the GOLDER Platform in the future, including games developed by others who want to be part of the GOLDER economy!


9) What things would your team like to achieve with WAR FIELD and where do you see the blockchain gaming industry heading in the near future?

Simply put: we want all gamers to have the opportunity to monetise their gameplay and cash in on their skills using GOLDER tokens. Our goal is no less than to create a global blockchain-driven gaming economy that lets video gamers fully monetise their skills. We believe this can and will revolutionise the gaming industry by making gameplay much more exciting and profitable for players.


We would like to thank Mr.Pu Shi  and the team from WAR FIELD very much for taking the time out of their busy schedules to talk with for this exclusive interview!

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