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Exclusive Interview With CEO of Asura Coin, Mr.Peter Shen

The worlds of eSports and blockchain tech were destined to collide. Now that they have, the team from Asura Coin are one of the first companies to have taken full advantage of this. We got more insight about how their platform is producing this match made in heaven.


Q) Hello, please tell us about yourself, your team and how you all got together?

Hey, my name’s Peter Shen, CEO of Asura World, previously involved in the Chinese eCommerce market after partnering up with NZBC, a partner of TMall [part of Alibaba Group]. My team is a bridge of NZ and China, whereas NZ operates and China creates, I myself will be predominately positioned in China. The team started off small and as we slowly established our concepts and plans, it attracted more people to join us.

Q) Can you summarize your platform for everyone and tell us which is the biggest feature?

Asura World seeks to unite and retain the eSport community by offering them all they’ve ever needed within 1 platform, built on the trust and transparency [blockchain], automated by smart contracts [NEO blockchain]. This allows the community to grow and regulate within itself, so users are able to decide on how they want their community to be shaped like.

The biggest 5 features are:

-Community Voted Betting, which allows users to create their own bets for the community to vote against

-Community matchmaking, pitting users against users based on personal profiles for skill level balancing

-Tournament Hosting, save the hassle and create tournaments within a few mouse clicks

-Professional Guides, pick and learn from some of the best players online in video commentated guides

-Community Center, where the community comes together to discuss, share, and create.

Q) Why did you choose the NEO blockchain and why is it beneficial?

Taking into account on our focus on community, we had to find a foundation suitable for our future rather than “what’s popular right now”. NEO’s vision aligns with the Asura vision, a strong sense of unity within the community, co-operative growth, and an extremely fast supporting response rate. We think in a few years down the road, NEO will be vastly different from competitors such as Ethereum, and at that time, the benefits of NEO to Asura World would be extremely prominent.


Q) Do you already have any top gamers lined up to share their gaming advice for your professional game guides?

We do, the ones we can announce right now are Rain and Wrath, Dota2 players that are ranked within top 500. Some other ones we will be announcing in time both during the ICO and after the ICO. We will also be announcing Youtubers and Streamers.


Q) Which games and type of games are you presenting on your plaform? Will you expand the game selection?

Right now, Dota2, League of Legends, CSGO, King of Glory, we will be adding Fortnite, PUBG, Clash Royale shortly. They may even already been implemented when this goes live!

Q) Esport games betting estimated to be USD $649 million of cash bets being wagered in 2016. What are the issues surrounding Esports betting and what are some of the ways that AsuraCoin will be changing that?

Issues range from security, withdrawal transparency, money laundering, and my favorite one, boring bets.Asura World will be hardcapping bets to prevent laundering, in the future, we will create a special KYC towards users that want to bet heavier, blockchain and smart contracts eliminate security and withdrawal issues, and allowing users to create their own bets makes the entire experience more enjoyable and much more immersive. Like how a game should be.


Q) How are your eSports betting and tournament structures tied together?

Commission from betting goes directly to the Asura World tournament prizepool every month, and then users can participate in the monthly tournament to earn their share of tokens.


Q) At what time or point do you feel your platform will be self sustaining?

Once we reach a balance of content being created within the platform and users using matchingmaking, tournament participation + betting frequency. If by date, we’re hoping to be self-sustainable or at least near sustainability by Q4 2019.

Q) There are many ways to earn your ASA tokens can you provide us a general breakdown for each of them?

Asura World members can SPEND ASA Coins by:

1. Betting

2. Participating in hosted Tournaments

3. Participating in the Asura Tournaments

4. Hosting their own Tournaments [hosting fee]

5. Watching and Learning from ranked players.

6. Reward other users, eg: Content

7. Staking against other players in match making.


Asura World members can EARN ASA Coins by:

1. Winning said Bets

2. Winning said hosted Tournaments & Asura Tournaments

3. Hosting their own Tournaments [having other players join]

4. Creating Quality Coaching content

5. Contributing to the community by either creating content, interacting within the community, or by being helpful & kind.

6. Winning match making.

7. Participate in monthly Asura World events in the Community Hub


Q) You guys must be excited for your crowdsale coming up soon? How have you prepared for this and are there any expectations?

We will be collaborating with O3 and Aphelion for our ICO, O3 will allow users to participate via mobile app and aphelion via desktop. Users can of course participate directly with Asura as our smart contract will arrange for everything. Our team will be on standby during the first 48 hours [rotating shifts] to monitor the ICO.


Q) Where do you see the future of blockchain tech in Esports going? Can your AsuraCoin platform be able to continually adapt to any future changes?

It’s going to be huge and we can’t wait, we think more and more major gaming companies will start exploring blockchain integration within the very near future. As for Asura World, we will be pushing our tournament hosting + community center towards market adaption. We’re exploring possibilities where multiplayer games by NEO Blockchains can directly run tournaments with Asura utilizing NEOGAS also. Of course, this is still in the future.


A huge thank you to Mr.Peter Shen and the Asura Coin team for taking the time for this interview! Go check out Asura Coin at 

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