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Etherwaifu Presale: Beautiful Art at 50% Off!

Hi, we are a duo team of developer and illustrator from Indonesia and we recently started the presale of Etherwaifu :). In this blockchain card trading game, you can collect artworks of original characters, combine two artworks to create a new one (crafting), and sell your collection in the marketplace for a profit.

We want to make each artwork in Etherwaifu actually worth collecting, so you will see various unique poses and backgrounds. For the first release, there are 16 artworks with more than 3.000 variations for each of them. The illustrator is Jubi which is quite famous online for its original character drawings.

Etherwaifu’s presale opens with a 50% discount price compared to the May’s final release. Artworks bought at presale can be immediately sold on the marketplace. Crafting is still under development, and for those wanting to try the game for free there will be a crafting beta test on the Rinkeby testnet next month along with an invite campaign (prizes in Ether). See what others have bought, follow us on Twitter, and say hi on Discord :).

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