ETHEREMON World Cup Fan Art Contest

What Is Etheremon?

Etheremon is the first game opening an era of Game 3.0. It creates a world of Mons (Etheremons) where you can capture, train, transform, and trade them with others.

Combining Blockchain and Virtual Reality technology, Etheremon offers a gaming experience like never before. This is the first gaming world ever where you actually own the assets which no one can influence or steal from you and see them operating like in the real world.

Why am I sending this to you?

One of the greatest values of blockchain technologies is the ability to create a truly global world. As the Etheremon team works to build a bigger and better decentralized monster collecting game we are so happy to have a community that spans the globe. Looking to the community we saw a lot of similarities with the global sporting event known as the World Cup. The team has decided to launch an exciting opportunity in the form of a World Cup Fan Art Contest. What this means is that we are giving the community a chance to create a brand new World Cup themed Etheremon that will actually be released as a RARE mon into the actual game. Historically the World Cup has had cute and fun mascots and we thought it would be great for the fans to create the first ever sports themed Etheremon mascot as a global representative.

We are giving away prizes created by the community and giving people a chance to get their art in the game. Check out our post for more details.

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