EtherCup2018 – Buy ERC721 Countries or Place Bets and Win JACKPOT

EtherCup2018 is an exciting new prediction game on the Ethereum blockchain.

Game Structure

The game is divided into two sections. The first is ERC 721 country tokens and the second is placing bets on individual matches. Lets look at each of them in detail

1.Country Tokens

Each country participating in the world cup has a unique token. Each country token has a selling price, which is the cost of the token. Any user who wants to purchase a country token will need to pay some ether — selling price of the country token. When a country token is purchased, half of the profit is given to the previous owner and other half goes to the jackpot. Every time a token is sold its selling price increases.

For example, lets say country token “Spain” costs 4 ether. Player ‘A’ buys this token and its selling price increases to 6 ether. Now if player ‘B’ wants to purchase “Spain” token he must pay 6 ether. On paying so, 1 ether will goto Jackpot and 4 + 1(Last Price + half of Profit) ether goes to `A`.(Profit is 2 ether)

In this way the jackpot will accumulate more ether. Once the world cup is completed 20 percent share goes to the site owner, and token owners may claim their share of the money from the remaining jackpot. But owners are sure to win at least some ether no matter what their teams position. The amount depending on the countries position in the world cup .The jackpot is divided as follows :

2. Match Betting

Bettings is more conventional, where user bets on a certain team to win. All the world cup matches are available for betting. Once the match is completed the user can claim the amount they won if a bet was placed on the winning side. If the match is a draw user gets back complete bet amount.

Lets say there is a match between “Spain” and “Portugal”. User may choose to place bet on any of these[even both]. Bets will be stopped before the match starts. Once the match is completed the results will be updated on the blockchain and user may `claim` the amount they won if a bet was placed on the winning side. If the match was a draw he can `claim` his ether back.

20 % of bet on losing side goes to the Jackpot.

Lets Play

To get started you would need desktop browser — Chrome or Firefox — along with MetaMask extension. For a video guide of the website visit this link

So join us at EtherCup2018.

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