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Ether.Online Player Review

What’s up Blockchaingamers! @OffTheBlockchain here with another exclusive article geared towards potential new players of Ether.Online. Its time to expand the gaming portfolio and jump into Ether.Online, if you aren’t convinced , you will think otherwise by the end of this article!

For those players who are more of the “Do-It-Yourself” type. The site has an awesome FAQs page and is very user friendly . So the following is my referral link which is 10% Lifetime dividends and will help contribute to any giveaways I do in the future for Ether.Online. So thank you in advance for the support!


So before I jump into Ether.Online I want to mention and the platform they have created that has Ether.Online as one of the games. They currently have 2 games, Ether.Online and Magic Academy . Magic Academy is an idle game that you can generate in-game currency that can be used in other games on the platform such as Ether.Online. They have a gamer profile feature and a chat widget for fellow players to communicate so head over there and don’t hesitate in making your gamer profile!

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To start things off lets go over what in my opinion is the best and most important feature of this game. The Referral Program.

This is a game changer for the Blockchain gaming world and is a perfect example of the developers rewarding early adopters for marketing and simply promoting the game to friends, family and social media followers. Lets go over the 3 most important things about this referral program.

  1. Earn 10% Commission: This is a lot better than a free collectible or in-game items as it allows the have more control over the ETH they earn, aligning with the ideals of true decentralization .
  2. Lifetime dividends: By offering this it will ensure that you will forever receive the ETH for referring players allowing you to be apart of the growth of the game directly!
  3. There is no limit: Most of the time with referral programs you notice there is a cap you will hit after you have referred a certain number of players, this finishes the incentive players have in recruiting others to play. I expect other blockchain games to follow suit with similar referral programs

Lets talk about the engine of the game, The Chest Opening feature (Price of 0.01ETH) this feature is the foundation of the in-game ecosystem that provides the in-game gear that is used to build your character , craft and ultimately enchant the end-game items. Come end game we will see high-end players opening chests to acquire the needed lower rarity item. As well as investors looking to score that legendary item for a hefty profit ! It is important to note it is a great time to start since you can qualify for the lucky draw in the arena with a character around 800-1000 BP (Battle Power). This will change as the game gets older. So far I’ve opened 10 Chests total and have received a free chest for the 2 days the arena has been open. This is the ideal start as now i can upgrade my character with items from the free chests or I can use the chest system to seek upgrades if i want as well as the marketplace (Have yet to open a helmet so I think I will need to purchase one there) . The freedom to get your items is really great and allows for a lot to do in-game. Now onto the next feature!

Crafting feature implemented as the solution to having too many items floating around, and may I take a moment to commend the devs on creating this system because not only does it serve as a perfect item circulation controller, but it really gives benefit to the investors that want to open up lets say 100 Chests , 1 ETH Worth. You can guarantee through crafting up and drops you will make back your investment and have a lot of profits from the rare armor that comes out of crafting. You see a lot of players in CSGO using this method to achieve a higher rarity gun skin such as the AWP Dragon lore, can technically be acquired using a similar method of exchanging up to high rarity but the CSGO system has an element of luck involved that isn’t involved here making this system superior! Lets move onto enchantments…

So here would be the most advanced and highly costing feature of the game. This will be for the players interested in reaching BIS (Best-In-Slot) items in all areas . At first you may be wondering why only legendary items can be enchanted. This is a good question and the underlying meaning may not be so obvious but is a very important feature that needs to be noted and credit needs to be given. In a nut shell, just think of the pain and agony the devs saved by not allowing us to enchant a piece of gear we will ultimately replace down the road. *Slow Clap* to the devs for that they understand players would want to enchant armor that shouldn’t be and designed mechanics around it. Thanks for looking out and perhaps in the future they will release special enchantments that provide debuffs (Ex. Frozen for 2 Turns) that can be enchanted on items lower than legendary for the budget players! But for now, enchanting will be more for high-end players! I am in no rush getting to that point but eventually will need to be competitive.

Here we have another feature that is a lot more relevant to end-game players for the sole purpose that the set bonus increases with the item rarity. This means you will receive a higher set bonus for having a higher rarity complete set. So my advice when starting is not to tunnel on having a same set of armor, as you could be giving up much needed raw stats that will help increase your BP (Battle Power) in exchange to just having a small set bonus. I would say when you hit epic and above the set bonus will be relevant and should be taken into consideration when theory crafting the optimal Character! More on this in my advanced guide coming soon that will touch more into the advanced mechanics that go into building an end-game character.

Ethagon Samurai Set Character BIS Items (Best In Slot)

The marketplace is the area you will be selling and buying your in-game items. Eventually will release other games that will support your items so don’t forget to join their communities and keep track of other games to help grow your Ether.Online character. Good to note the item you put up for sale cannot be removed until the end of the time you set. So a nice tip would be increasing the price of an item you decide you do not want to sell in hopes no one snatches it up! Also you can gift in-game items via’s My Item Portal. So convince your friends to play and trade items together to get an advantage on the lone wolf players getting access to more gear!


Time to touch on some of the PvP (Player vs Player) features we have for Ether.Online. Since Battle Power would be the “GearScore” the game has it is only proper to have a Battle Power Leaderboard, Put simply you make it to the top 10 here and you get entered into a special draw everyday to win ETH and the average amount is going up daily ! This is allowing a major return for players heavily invested ! Woot. But what about the casual player/investor…lets move onto the Lucky Draw.

Here is the feature where if you qualify in the top 100 for BP (Battle Power) you will be entered into a draw where again the % Of winning is based on your battle power. Allowing even the person in 100th to have a chance at winning ETH that day just for having the character! Sounds really awesome and I cant wait to take down my first Lucky Draw ! Again another feature the devs simply do not need to have but want to reward the players every chance they can. We appreciate that ! 😀

Here we have a very cool feature, Ethagon. This allows you to wager ETH on 1v1 battles with a couple different options depending on the budget you have for Blockchain gaming. What is special about these battles is you are allowed to pick a Legendary set of your choosing as well as any pet. The stats during an Ethagon battle are altered to get as close to a 50% result as possible essentially created a coin-flip style game-mode that allows you to use some gear that cannot be obtained in the other game modes for a very long time 😀 Stay tuned for the results of my first Ethagon battle coming soon 🙂

Here is where the competitive fire will surface initially for all new players. If you are in the top 200 here ( not determined by BP) you will have a chance to receive a free chest everyday. Only in the top 30 do you start receiving premiums for winning . Please see the in-game UI for this info as it changes daily and it is very user friendly! I have had a character between 101-200 since arena began and have 2 Chests for free 1 leaded to an upgraded weapon that should allow me to accumulate some chests before i go for the top 100 zone.

Here is an example of my character that has no problem getting into top 200 for the daily chest draw. In search of a worthy helmet currently 😀

For access to their social media platforms head to the site and check out the top left corner ! <——Referral Link To Show Support!


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