EMONT Frenzy — New Blockchain Game of EMONT Alliance (Developer of Etheremon)

                  EMONT Frenzy — a new blockchain game of EMONT Alliance

You might have heard of Etheremon, the first blockchain game to bring Pokemon-like monsters to the blockchain gaming scene. Etheremon has become one of a few successful Dapps to date thanks to its dynamic battle system where you can train your monsters to gym, battle with other players or send them for Adventures to collect items (Adventure mode will be released soon). Also, its partnership with Decentraland to bring Etheremon monsters to the VR world is very promising. The future of us joining the digital monsters’ world in VR could be coming very soon!

The team behind Etheremon has just released a mini-game called EMONT Frenzy. It seems that they have started working on their mission to build EMONT Alliance, aiming to bring more games to the blockchain scene.

Game Overview

EMONT Frenzy is inspired by the famous Feeding Frenzy game released over a decade ago, where fish embarks on an adventure across the ocean. However, EMONT Frenzy focuses more on battle among players.

There are different types of fish in the game. Fish grows up in size and changes form by eating EMONT scattered across the ocean. Fish’s weight equals to the amount of EMONT it carries.

The bigger a fish is, the slower it will become. It means if you are a smaller fish, you can collect EMONT very fast.

Game Map

Game Map is a rectangular ocean which has a hundred of positions that fish can move to. There is a base position where all fish are spawned. Staying in this base position is also safe as no fish can attack in this.

Actions to do in game

The main objective of each fish is to collect as many EMONT tokens as possible to cash out. What interesting is eating other fish to gain weight much faster. Here are some actions you can take in-game:

  • EAT : You can eat a fish whose weight is at least 1 EMONT less than you by moving the fish to the cell of that fish
  • FIGHT : You can fight a fish which is slightly smaller than you (less than 1 EMONT gap). The target fish will die, but you also lose an amount of EMONT equal to the defeated fish’s weight. The lost EMONT will scatter randomly across the ocean.
  • SUICIDE ATTACK : You can also move your fish to the cell of a bigger fish to fight it. You will die, but the bigger fish loses an amount of EMONT equal to your weight. The lost EMONT will scatter randomly across the ocean.

Strategic Plays

As every move costs a fish 5% weight, it takes a lots of strategy to become a shark.

As a small fish, you can jump fast to collect EMONT around you or eat smaller fish, but as big one (like shark), you need to choose the right target to aim for since you move slower.

Another good strategy is attacking a slightly smaller fish. Though your fish gets very small afterwards, but if it will be so fast that it can eat the EMONT block resulting from your battle in just 1 jump, to double its size. However, the risk here is some other fish might be faster than you to collect that EMONT block before you.

What can EMONT be used for

EMONT is an in-game currency for all games in the EMONT Alliance. It is an ERC-20 token and currently traded via Raddarrelay.

As such, EMONT can be used to buy monsters in Etheremon, bid for Adventure Sites (Pre-sale still on-going) and used as fee for Monsters’ Adventures once Adventure Mode is released in mid-July.

Give EMONT Frenzy a try and let us know what you think about the game!


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