Earn Ethereum by absorbing the power of other gladiethers!

Welcome to the Colleseum of Ether! Do you have what it takes to be King of the Gladiethers? Join the arena by converting your Eth into gladiator power and prepare for battle!

This revolutionary game is is a 1 Vs 1 arena combat game where battles are based on provably fair probabilities. The probability of winning or losing are calculated based on the power of your Gladiether and the opponent it faces.

The more powerful your Gladiether is, the bigger the chances of you winning.

No David Vs Goliath !

In this ecosystem where whales usually prevails in other Ethereum based games, we aim to give the smaller player a chance to take down Goliath!

Gladiethers will achieve this by introducing the following novel game mechanics.

You are able to determine the power of your Gladiether by how much Ether you send to power up your fighter. After each battle that takes place, the winner will absorb the power of the other Gladiether that you have defeated!

The attacking Gladiether will always have an extra 4% chance of. This means that an attacking Gladiether at least a 4% chance of winning. This may prevent bigger more powerful Gladiethers from surviving too long and gives the smaller player a good chance to hit the jackpot!

Even if a super powerful whale gladiether appears or is built up in the arena, there will be a maximum cap of 99.9% win chance for all battles. This means that you will have at least a 0.1% chance of winning against a whale at all times.

How it works:

If a player decides to power up their Gladiether with 1 Ether, that means that their Gladiether will have a power value of 1. If this Gladiether attacks another Gladiether with a power value of 0.5, the Gladiether with the power value of 1 will have a 70% of winning and the 0.5 Gladiether will have a 30% of winning.

The fights are picked at random using oraclize, this means that you cannot choose your opponent but that you could be attacked at any moment. Remember being brave and attacking first will yield you an extra 4% chance of winning!

How to withdraw

After 24 hours without initiating an attack you will be able to sacrifice your Gladiether to the gods. Its power will then be converted back to Ether and sent to your wallet. Its power will then be converted back to Ether and sent to your wallet. . Please take note, the 24 hour timer is resets every time you decide to initiate an attack.

In other words, after your first purchase for your Gladiether there is a 24 hour cooldown before you can convert its power back to Ether. This cooldown is reset whenever you initiate an attack on another Gladiether and during these 24 hours your Gladiether will be vulnerable to attacks. If your Gladiether can survive all the attacks on him during the 24 hour cooldown, you will be immortalised in our hall of fame and will be able to safely cash him out!

Gladiether King

The Gladiether King is the strongest Gladiether alive. The owner of that Gladiether will receive dividends equivalent of 1% from every losing player whilst on the throne. In addition to the Gladiether King 1% dividends, 3% of the losing Gladiethers power will also go to fund the development of the game.

Starting today at 11pm UTC!

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