Dungeons are finally here!

After some time developing the dungeon contracts we finally deployed it to our game! We also made a few other modifications that will be described later in this post.

Take a quick look at a fight here: (still in alpha so the visuals are not final).

Missions vs Dungeons

The biggest difference between dungeons and missions is simple:- On missions you get materials to craft better gear and in dungeons you will gain experience and items that will be essential to get to level 20 where there will be the PVP tournaments with big prize pots (dozens of Ethereum in prizes)!

Each mission also has stats required that can already tell you if your hero as a high or low chance of doing that mission. Having a low chance to do a mission also means that, if your hero succeeds, it will have better grade items.Example:Having an hero with 30% of doing a mission and he succeeds it is guaranteed that the minimum grade quality of the items you gained is 30 (grades go from 1 to 99).The difficulty on the missions is based on the required stats + the difficulty of the last block mined. This means there will be days that you have a higher chance to do a mission than in other days!

How dungeons work?

To do a dungeon you need only 3 heroes. Each hero has its own abilities that will be also described later in this post.

You will need to choose for each hero:- The % of activating each ability (example: 50% chance of using Strike and 50% chance of using Warrior Shout);- You can also equip items to your heroes to make them stronger. Only consumables are deleted after the dungeon but the rest of the items are not (helmets, chests, etc…);

Choosing our heroes

What are the rewards?

If your heroes succeed in doing the dungeon you will receive items that could only be crafted with materials gained in missions.If your heroes don’t succeed you don’t receive any items, but don’t worry because your heroes will also gain experience. Remember experience is fundamental to level up your heroes!

How does the dungeon battle system work?

Each hero has his role in the dungeon. Warriors can take most part of the damage while being able to increase his defense or attack. Rogues can deal a lot of damage while lowering the defense of your enemies. Healers can heal your allies while increasing his intellect or decreasing the defense of the enemies. Mages can do massive damage and also recharge to gain even better stats.

There will be 6 rounds maximum for your heroes to defeat your enemies. If your heroes are unable to defeat all your enemies it will be considered to be a failed dungeon.

For our dungeon fights they will not be boring (putting the tank on the front and attack always the 1st enemy) we created an aggro system. Aggro depends on the defense of your hero compared to the rest of that team. Example:You have 3 heroes: A tank with 6 defense, an healer with 1 defense and a rogue with 3 defense. The tank has a 60% chance, the healer a 10 % chanceand the rogue a 30% chance of being a target of an enemy attack or a target of an ally heal.

Reworked ability system

We saw that having damage over time or healing over time would consume a lot of gas so we made changes to them. This doesn’t mean the game won’t have these type of abilities later on when we see an opportunity to implement this without having big gas costs.

Other updates

We also updated the front-end of the game to have a cleaner look and also we have modified our homepage to prepare for our presale (we will make another post explaining how the presale will work in the next days).

For now just be prepared for our main net launch and then prepare your heroes to reach level 20 where there will be PVP tournaments with big prize pots!


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