Dragonglass ICO is closing on March 11

It was a long journey for the Dragonglass team and our beloved community. Since the beginning, it was all about blockchain mass adoption. Back in November of 2017, when our team started the development of the Dragonglass Miner game, we couldn’t even imagine, that blockchain gaming would go so viral and that Dragonglass would become one of the pioneers in this field. We were building a game for traditional gamers, explaining to them how to get into the blockchain era, how does Ethereum work — all this through the mobile game.

I am happy that our game became an entry point into the decentralized world for many people. We were speaking to them, improving the manuals, the game and everything that was running under the hood, to make the process as smooth as possible. All the knowledge and experience we gained during the year full of experiments and research helped us to shape the vision of how we can bring the next million people onto the blockchain providing them with real ownership over their assets and allowing developers monetize and interact with players in a brand-new way.

We call it Dragonglass Ecosystem. It is a set of products for game developers to integrate games with the blockchain easily, and for players to interact with games, assets, and blockchain. We will make a series of articles covering everything in more details (you can already find some details on our brand-new shiny website), so let’s go back to the topic. The ICO!

Yes, we are closing it. It helped us to understand all the difficulties people can face when they are interacting with the blockchain for the first time, as well as many technical aspects of building games on the blockchain. Hence, now we are standing at the point when we have everything we need to make the next big step.

We set the end date to March 11, so if you are not with us yet and would like to join our family to be among the first ones driving the revolution in the gaming industry and bringing blockchain to the mass adoption (and play the world’s first mobile blockchain game, Dragonglass Miner) — you are welcome to participate in the ICO and become the Dragonglass early adopter. All the tokens left will be closed in the ICO smart contract until the last days of human civilization.

If you have something to say, any questions or feedback, I would kindly ask you to join our Telegram community or contact me directly at

Thank you for your support, cannot wait to see what we can build all together.

Gleb Skibitsky

Dragonglass CEO

BC Enthusiast

Written by Dragonglass

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