Darkwinds, the trading card game powered by Ethereum

In the world of Darkwinds, a powerful cyclone destroyed half of humanity and all continents broke into scattered islands in one big sea. Pirates, Bucaneers, Sea Monsters and mysterious voodoo spirits rule the world.

In battles inspired by classic trading card games, but this time with cryptocollectibles, players fight for their place on the leaderboard calculated using the Glicko rating system.

And since all cards are Ethereum tokens, Darkwinds players are free to trade, sell or give away their cards that are generated by purchasing “Booster Packs”, a Smart Contract function that generates 10, 25 or 50 pseudo-random cards.

The game is being developed by MEGO, the same team responsible for the BitQuest minecraft mod and Hammercoin, making this our third crypto adventure. While all the cards are valid forever, online servers and matchmaking are in beta testing. In our discord channel we discuss strategies, balancing and rules.

To build your deck and start playing, visit

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Written by cristian

Mego is one of the most recognized video game studios from Latin America, thanks to its early experiments with cryptocurrencies. And in their way to achieve that mission, they've been developing several products under its own signature and creativity with high quality software, original stories and an unique atmosphere

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