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Darkwinds beta update

We are available for trade at!

In the past few weeks we have been working to improve and complete our compatibility with the ERC-721 standard, and having achieved so we are pleased to announce that Darkwinds players are now able to trade their Darkwinds cards in the token exchange. This exchange allows you to auction your tokens and to buy others people’s tokens directly, thus making it possible to get that single card you need to complete your deck!

Improvements in game client

We have cleaned the game board a little bit, and changed the bell used to signal the end of your turn with a draggable Doubloon. This means that in order to play the game only two mouse (or touch) movements are used: drag and click. Drag is used to move and do things (like moving a card from your hand to the table, attacking a rival using a spell, or ending your turn) and click is used to inspect elements in the game board. For now, we have added a way to inspect cards inside the game. Just click any card you want to know more about, and a pop-up will appear and explain more about what the card does. We are also adding more beginner tips so new players understand more about the game when they are playing it.

Rankings are on!

You can now see the games top competitive players at Rankings . We are using the Glicko-2 system, so you need to be constantly competing in order to maintain your rating level. If you don’t, you will be surpassed by more active players, so keep on playing!

Better buying experience and website design improvements

We have been working a lot in improving the buying experience, so you can know exactly where is your booster pack, where in the blockchain is being processed and the possibility to know which cards you got from each individual booster pack. Along with this, we have been redesigning and streamlining the website experience and will continue to improve other parts of the game such as the Card Book and the Deck Builder. In addition to this, we have been working in a new Game Guide that we expect to be a great beginner’s resource for new players.

More incredible artwork!

We are proud to be working with very talented artists, and their work shows. We have been week by week uploading more finalized artwork for cards like Lady Elizard, Dumbol the Dumb, Extra Limb, Healing Shadow, Abaia, the Great Anguilla, and Mental Cannon

To build your deck and start playing, visit

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