Darkwinds beta is over. Version 1.0 servers are now live.


I’m very glad to announce that after many months of design, programming and many hours of playtesting, ourgame Darkwinds is a fully featured trading card game and officially out of beta.

We designed in pursue of simplicity but at the same time with a deep enough small set of rules that allow a wide variety of game styles. At it’s heart, this is a competitive game and we’ve incorporated matchmaking, a rank system and leader boards.

We worked with more that 20 artists to create 100 models of possible cards to be created with the smart contract. The cards abilities, attack, defense and cost are now ‘freezed’ and will be published in a smart contract extension so it can never be nerfed again.

We invite everyone to play Darkwinds ‘First Edition’ and feel free to contact us with your questions, ideas or rage in our Discord channel:

You can play Darkwinds on a Desktop browser with metamask at: 

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