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CryptoStrikers Contest – Win Exclusive Collectibles!

Eligibility: Reply back in comments with your picks on the following events before 2pm EDT on July 3, 2018.

Question: Pick the outcome and score after regulation for the Colombia-England Round of 16 match (team win or draw) (e.g.England win)

Tiebreaker 1: Predict the total number of goals scored in regulation (ex.5)

Tiebreaker 2: Name 1st person to score — regulation + extra time (ex.Kane)

Winners: Tiebreaker used if necessary to determine award winners. If no one wins an award, whoever enters will be part of random drawinng for that award. If there is a tie, whoever answered 1st wins that tiebreaker.


1st. Neymar Originals card;

2nd. 1 Premium Pack;

3rd. 3 Standard Packs

Special offer for the BlockchainGamer community: Use promo code: blockchain when signing up for a CryptoStrikers account to get 1 free Standard Pack when you buy your 1st pack of cards!

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