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CryptoSpin – Ethereum Slot Machine with Uncompromised RTP

Ever been frustrated with slow betting experience on ethereum?

Ever wish to have proper crypto-gaming with smooth graphics?

Gotta a few moments to spare on casual games on a ridiculous theme? 

CryptoSpin is now in available on the Ethereum mainnet. Unlike other slot games using cryptocurrencies, CryptoSpin delivers to you a smooth and unified spinning experience by employing HTML5 canvas and cutting edge graphics acceleration technologies. Hold your breath when you encounter Mr Buda in our bonus game, and testify our RTP. Good Luck!

Visit today and earn REAL ETHER!

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BC Enthusiast

Written by John Campbell

Buda vs Pest - the most Ridiculous Rock-Scissor-Paper dual on Ethereum: a Rock-Scissor-Paper HTML5 game with a crypto touch, featuring:

- Mr Buda and Mr Pest pixellated in the Hetergenous Element Space and plays against each other using crypto "Hand Poses"~

- Thanks to Ethereum poses cannot change after placement and no one will have an advantage before revealing~

- Winner gets all the tokens minus a fee, and Referrals shares half the proceeds with the owner. No hidden costs~

- Play more, get more. Invite and get even more~~

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