CryptoMonsters World – latest features and improvements

Since the launch of the project CryptoMonsters World three weeks ago more than 3000 evolutionary rounds have been played. In the meanwhile, new features and improvements have been added to the game.

Quick recap: The game represents a simulated virtual world, inhabited by digital monsters, which are constantly evolving and interacting with each other.

So, what’s new?

Fair Game and Crazy Game

The monsters can now join two different types of games. The Fair Game is designed for monsters with closer levels. If a monster is brave enough, it could always participate in a Crazy Game, where no level restrictions apply.


Magical potions! Each monster’s chances to evolve can be greatly improved by using different magical potions, which are already available on the platform.


New! A ranking list of the twelve biggest monsters, which are currently evolving.

Play and have fun!

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