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Cryptoman is celebrating its first anniversary with a $1500 triple tournament


Cryptoman evolved a lot during its one-year lifespan: from a 1vs1 bomberman-inspired game running separately on different blockchains to a real multiplayer game connecting players from all chains on a single battlefield. Now, the team is thanking its loyal fans with a big event spanning over three weeks: The Cryptoman Triple Tournament.

The game is free to play and there are $1500 to be won in EBK, the tokens of the gaming blockchain Ebakus, which is sponsoring this tournament. Instead of only 1, there will be 3 knockout rounds, each one with bigger rewards as the previous one. In contrast to former tournaments held by Cryptoman, this time there are also prizes for those, who don’t manage to qualify, so every single player benefits!

Each knockout round is preceded by a week-long qualifications, the first one starting on April 11th. The top 10 players will take part in the finals, being held at April 18th, April 25th and May 2nd respectively. As always, you can choose which cryptocurrency to play with. Whenever you kill a another player, you receive 95% of his stake in his chosen currency and move up the qualification and highscore lists. The other 5% go into the highscore pot and get distributed between the top-ranking players.

Since the latest update you don’t even have to put any of your own coins at risk in order to play, gain and qualify. As a new player you get a free life on signup and when you die without any coins left, you’ll haunt the battlefield as a ghost. As a ghost, you can still kill players and get killed, but won’t make any profit or loss until you collect enough soul shards to receive a free life again.

With this addition, literally everybody can manage to qualify for the upcoming triple tournament without risking a single satoshi and win a fair share of the $1500.

For the Cryptoman team this tournament means one more step towards their main goal: Providing a fun and easy way for people to gain money through playing. The complete tournament information can be found at their website:

Stay informed about Cryptoman’s events and updates on their official social media channels:




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