CryptoKitties can exchange to CryptoPandas???

From recent release of Panda Earth,  a special feature come on the platform. That is exchange CryptoKitties into Pandas. 

For kitties customers have so many useless kitties, how to release them? Panda Earth provides a great way to handle this problem. Any kind of kitties can be exchanged to cute pandas. No matter in Gen 10 or Gen 20, customers can exchange to pandas which satisfied them. 

Further more, customer also have chance to exchange fancy panda-robot panda! There are only 50 robot pandas all in all. That is so lucky and worth to get the fancy ones.  

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Written by Panda__Earth

CryptoPandas are the most valuable Cryptocollectibles, based-on blockchain. #Crypto #Blockchain
#Invest #Token #Bitcoin #BTC #Ethereum #ETH #Followback #Airdrop

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