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CryptoGladiator Pre-Overview (NEO Blockchain)

First Ever Commercial NEO Blockchain Game!



In the game there are multiple attribute categories that determine the strength of a Gladiator. These are collectively referred to as the Combat Attributes. They include: basic attributes, element attributes, weapons, and skills.

Basic attributes refer to: HP, speed, strength, strength, which also include the Element attributes: Wind, Water, Fire, and Fire. They have a correlated relationship with each other so when multiple attributes are combined, you can get various additional percentage damage bonuses.

In addition to these two attributes there are weapons and skills. Gladiators with strong basic attributes will have a good foundation but what will really determine the outcome are the weapons and skills attributes. When powerful weapons and skills are triggered, some can instantly deal high damages, others can add various types of control effects and the rest can affect the gains and deductions to their own or opposing camps, allowing them to take advantage of own weapons and skills.


TRADE CLASS general Q&A:

Q: So I know that if I want to trade in CryptoGladiator I need NEOgas first, but I’m not sure how to get NEOgas?

A: This is a question that many newbies to blockchain technology will probably ask. First of all we recommend you have a general understanding and relevant knowledge of what blockchain is about. Second, you will need to get a grasp of the concept of NEO’s intelligent blockchain community. This can be viewed online, and the so-called NEOgas is one of the two native digital currencies of NEO’s Smart Economy.


Q: Where can I purchase NEOgas?

A: For the general user, there are many ‘currency exchanges'(Bitfinex) and ‘currency trading center'(Huobi) websites that have digital money buying methods where players can purchase.  

Q: If I have some NEOgas already, how do I deposit it into the game?

A: First of all you will need to install and then check your BlackCat wallet address that is tied to your in game account. After that you can transfer your NEOgas to your address. Once the transfer is complete you can see the amount of your NEOgas.Then, just click “recharge” button so that your NEOgas will turn into the game platform GAS and you can see in the game your own account assets!


Q: Can digital assets I acquired in the game be extracted again?

A: Of course, you have to know that digital assets in game can actually be extracted into BlackCat wallet, and then extract it as NEOgas.

Q: What do the terms “start price,” “end price” and “decay time” all mean when I want to sell or rent a Gladiator?

A: The start price, as its name implies is the initial selling price of the Gladiator. The end price is the lowest price that the Gladiator seller can accept. The decay time is the period from the start price to the lowest price, the lowest price cannot be higher than the highest price. If a Gladiator has not been purchased since it was put on the Market shelf, then its price will gradually change from the highest price to the lowest price over time. After that the Gladiator’s price is set and will not change. The players will have to pay a small fee when they would like to remove their Gladiator from the market and when the transaction is completed.

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