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Cryptogirl Game Preview

Cryptogirl Game Introduction:

Cryptogirl is the world’s first blockchain based cultivation game of collectible Cryptogirl cards. Exquisite Cryptogirls of various forms are drafted and colored by famous Japanese artists, which are of great collection value. Players may summon, break up or upgrade their Cryptogirls and use them in battles to enjoy a rich and unprecedented game experience.

The underlying logic of Cryptogirl is fully blockchain based, which mean the game is immune to any outside influence and game assets cannot be forged. The game contains a thorough asset flow system, including chest-opening, trading, equipping, upgrading, summoning etc. There are also different game plays in Cryptogirl, consisting of turn-based PVP/PVE battles and esports tournaments. Rich reward systems and anonymous social systems will be introduced into the battles in the future. Meanwhile, we are going to develop an off-chain asset transaction technology and decentralized trading center which are currently under construction. Nevertheless, we provide access to side-chain game instances and plug-ins developed by other developers. You are welcome to join us!


Cryptogirl Storyline:

This is a story that takes place in the far future.

On that day, earth was struck by a huge comet fragment belt (These comet fragments were later named as Debris of the Omega Helix). The Debris fell down and covered the surface of the earth. Civilization on earth did not survive this catastrophe, the clock of earth’s entire civilization seemed to be turned back to its starting point. This day was written into history as Heaven’s Punishment.

Due to the vast amount of meteorites that have entered into earth’s atmosphere, the earth’s topography and ecosystems were heavily affected. After the catastrophe, the survivors started to discover the mysterious power contained within the meteorites. A few Cryptogirls were able to resonate with the Debris, and use the energy to produce unimaginable miraculous powers. People were greatly attracted by the power of the Omega Helix debris and consider it as the most important asset for the continuation of human civilization, so they began to search, collect and fight for the Debris!

The human race gradually developed different uses for the power within the Debris and formed four distinct civilizations: Nova, Abyss, Eden, and Mech.

Abyss are the group of people who found ways to use the pure element power in the debris. They believed that the ultimate power of chaos will unify the world.

Eden are the people who realized that the power of debris could merge with the power of nature. This is a civilization that loves peace and harmony.

Mech was established by the army soldiers who started to eject power of debris into their weapon and Mecha. The Mech try best to restore the world order.

Nova is a rare group of people who inherited the top technology before Heaven’s Punishment. They used unknown way to absorb debris that creates an unimaginable form of life. They called themselves 『Neo God』and are very mysterious to the other civilizations.


Cryptogirl Assets:

Cryptogirls are the core virtual assets in the game. They can be summoned, upgraded and can fight and acquire special equipment. Players can cultivate their own Cryptogirls through these processes.

What is the purpose of Debris?

By using Debris to activate Incubators, players may get Cryptogirls or Items. Debris are purchasable at any time.


Core Gameplay:

There are two battle modes in Cryptogirl, including PVE game instances in side chains and PVP card battles of esports mode. PVE side-chain game instances allow developers define their own instances as well as develop plug-ins and gain their earnings in the game. PVP mode is of pure card battles, which is also the first blockchain game for esports. With your extraordinary wisdom, you earn your own ETH with ease.


Development progress of the game:

In mid-to-late June, official Presale of Cryptogirls and card activations will be launched with various and wonderful play modes including battles, instances and esports competitions being introduced in the months following.


How to get your Cryptogirl:

1. You may purchase Cryptogirls in advance in the Presale. Now Live!

2. You may use Debris to activate Incubators to get Cryptogirls

3. You may purchase Cryptogirls in the game Marketplace.


Cryptogirls Website:



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