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CryptoGalaxy V2.0.6 — An era of origin begins!

Thanks to over a year of dedication to the strengthening of the genesis era of CryptoGalaxy, CrytoGalaxy 2.0 series has evolved into a planet ecosystem with a packed full of new functionalities. Having already getting interested European and American users onboard is really a head start for CrytoGalaxy 2.0. The newest version, CrytoGalaxy V 2.0.6, is now planned to expand its footprints to Southeast Asian countries to entertain more players. It will be officially launched to the world on May in a move to create a global cultural and entertainment platform on Zeepin blockchain where benign competition is encouraged and players can communicate connect in an easy and safe way.

In this version, we have optimized some game configurations to improve user experience through testing. Here is a list of optimizations made to the environments data:

1. GalaBot value goes up while the mining difficulty is decreased.

2. Planet value will increase, more minerals are required for exploration; it will become easier for you to find a planet and high-level minerals.

3. Force bar will be sold at a higher price.

4. If you own an Exploration card, it will increase the rate for finding a planet as well as scarce minerals.

5. The commission reward in minerals for referral system is increased.

Notes: All adjustment are contributed to reduce the circulation of minerals in the market, increase the value in minerals and make it harder for upgrades to make CryptoGalaxy more competitive and challenging. Meanwhile, players in the game will experience the whole value increase in mineral pool and their planets along the way of development of the universe. (For users who have already registered, it will bring great benefits and value to their assets. )

The official launch of CrytoGalaxy2.0.6 is not just a simple cultivate game, but a thrilling gaming battlefield for trading and wealth management, a wireless platform for global communications, entertainment and creativity! Explorers! Join us and welcome onboard!

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