CryptoGalaxy 2.0 — Into an Era of Origin

CryptoGalaxy has gained popularity with a fast-growing number of players since its debut in 2018. As a thank-you surprise to all its loyal fans, a long-awaited CryptoGalaxy 2.0 recently showed up with a touch of thrilling new features. You can download from following links.


CryptoGalaxy is one of the few remaining blockchain projects that the toughening crypto climate hasn’t spelled doom. During the past year, our fan base has continued to expand, which is something we are proud of. However, it’s quite frustrating to witness a number of blockchain-based projects,such as cryptocity, cryptoxxx or other gambling-related games, withered. To survive and thrive in the long run, our dev team is working harder than ever in order for a real-good-working-decentralized application.

The idea of CG 2.0 wasn’t just invented on the spur of the moment, nor intended only to be a game of a passing fad. As CryptoGalaxy also serves as a hub by which cultural and entertainment industries can interact with each other in harmony, we think more efforts must be put into furthering the development of it.

Crypto Galaxy Development Roadmap

CryptoGalaxy2.0, shifting from Genesis Creation to Origin era, is a milestone in the evolution of a blockchain-based virtual universe.

A place of utopia

Inhabitants of CG 2.0 can access CryptoGalaxy using Zeewallet and Galaxy private key. All virtual in-game assets, such as planets, GalaBots, crystals are now made on-chain. For CG inhabitants, a virtual distributed world, full of mysteries to unravel, may look more tempting than a real world we are facing everyday.

As opposed to the real world, rules and regulations are built on top of blockchain here, which mirrors the true meaning of fairness, freedom and democracy. In this land, each asset has its own Galaxy hash that defines the ownership. You can check upon any transaction of assets using ZeeScan.

With the introduction of some fancy magic tools, such as exploration cards, power-up stones and magic potions, you can now expect a versatile Galaxy entertainment system. In pursuit of sustainable evolution of this cosmos, time and energy it shall take for mining is adjusted to a moderate level. We have Zero tolerance against any move or attempt that may exhaust the mining pool or compromise the ecosystem.

It takes quite a lot of time and patience to collect 7 types of minerals, which makes CG fundamentally different from all its earlier versions. All minerals are fungible assets that can be sold for money on GalaxyDEX.

Galaxy.One is coming…

These 7 types of minerals can circulate among the entire ecosystem of as well. If you have already played CG2.o, you may notice a group of dapp icons on display. These dapps are the masterpiece of brilliant developers from our community, which will be launching soon. In this article, we’d like to walk you through some of them:


It is a tool designed for communication without exposing your personal information or data to others. By using it, you can reach out to any person you’d like to talk with in the vast virtual universe.

  • Dragon training

If you can’t tame a ferocious animal like dragon, at least we can help you incubate and turn one into a dragon warrior to protect yours planet from attack in the virtual world.

  • EIF training center

A place where all the elfs can be well trained to be friends with you.

  • Metallurgy center

All in-game magic tools are created here.

  • Space center

A place where all the parts of spaceships are assembled.

  • Galaxy music box

If you want your planet to stand out, why not choose a piece of fancy background music to draw more new visitors?










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