CryptoFun Is A Conceptual Game Based On The NEO Blockchain


NEO provides a great platform for Blockchain based developments with features such as fast transactions and digital asset support. The information in Blockchain technology is contained within connected chains of Blocks, thus accordingly it’s called Blockchain. Another key point to remember is that information is visible to all members, so nothing would be changed or eliminated easily.

CryptoFun Is An Intellectual & Attractive Conceptual Game Which Is Supported by

NEO Blockchain!

Maybe the most important note that you should bear in mind is that every game is all about fun, and anything else including winning a prize are not as important. In this game you will encounter with fun scenes, as well as great visuals and above all, every small and major incident will add to the attractiveness of the game.

Conceptual games and especially CryptoFun is a great tool for education, advertising and promoting Blockchains. Unlike other games, Conceptual game s are more interactive, so they seem to be more attractive. According to the surveys in king university of London, anyone who plays ‘intellectual enhancement’ as logical and solving problems for at least 5 times a week, is dramatically less likely to develop Alzheimer’s. Conceptual games will cause intelligence and creativity and the gamers also need these features as well.

To start, you need to create an account, so go to and click on ‘ start game’ and then click on ‘create account’ (NEO Wallet) and this way you will earn a virtual wallet. Then with new private key, click on ‘login’ and go to your account.

This game is consisting of 80 great and intellectual levels and in all of those you see visuals which you should find their connection with Blockchain world on your own knowledge, next you will see the
answer to each level that is a professionally designed word. Finding the answers needs intelligence and high level of knowledge. Gamers should follow each level with witness and great skill.

In some of these levels, answers would be the name of a coin or token, or exchange and digital currency and even expressions and words within Blockchain world and Cryptocurrency which you have to find. Cryptocurrency or digital currency uses decentralized technology and enables safe payment and storing money without any intermediary for users. Almost all of the digital currencies work on Blockchain.

Before starting the game, you have 100 coins on default in your account and you will use these coins to get guidance through clicking on ‘show hint’. After this, one or some of the letters will appear, or you can click on ‘show answer’ to see the whole word. Clicking on ‘show hint’ will cost you 20 coins and ‘show answer’ will cost 30 coins from your account. You will earn 10 coins after finishing each level. When clicking on ‘ Buy token’ you could increase your coins and then among the packages you can choose the right one, and then with NEO or gas you will charge your coins.

When you enter the right answer in each level, a small window will open which contains the information on coins, exchange or the right expression. The information is either logo, site and the definition of the answer. Your information about Blockchain will increase thorough this game and will be challenged.

You can see your ranking in the site’s explorer and compete in an attractive environment with your friends and other users. You can support us and vote for CryptoFun using this link,

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