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Imagine a game where you can make profit from it. Imagine World of Warcraft market in Ethereum…So many possibilites that Ethereum brought to the state of applications. That’s why we started making a game to make this possible!

Great but what is CryptoDungeons?

“In Mertas, it is the duty of the elders to make important decisions and guide the people to prosperity.

In their last gathering, an important conclusion was drawn. It is time to stop cowering behind the walls of Brightdawn and prepare for war.

The order has been given and every able-bodied citizen is to start gathering supplies, weapons and armor from anywhere they can be found, for in a monthstime, the people of Mertas will finally fight, to reclaim everything they lost.”

Feel free to test our game!

At this point, the game is still on Ropsten TestNet so that we can test if everything is going smoothly with our contracts (and it’s solid at this point) and players can test it without spending real ethereum.



Buying Heroes

Our goals:

– Buy heroes (done);- Auction House (done);- Missions (done);- Daily missions (done);- Craft Items (done);- WE ARE HERE! Dungeons (under development- end of April more or less);- Main net;- PVP;- PVP tournaments;


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