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CryptoDungeons Announces Intent To Join Tron Arcade

Many crypto games have achieved popularity through simple game mechanics that center around blockchain. While we support these forays into making crypto mainstream, we also want to help promote games that have a more traditional gaming DNA. This is why we are excited to welcome CryptoDungeons to Tron Arcade, a game that is reminiscent of Final Fantasy and built on Ethereum, but will port over their universe, story, and characters to create a game on TRON.

The Story

Cryptodungeons revolves around the kingdom of “Brightdawn.” Brightdawn is preparing for war and has asked it’s people to start gathering supplies, weapons and armor in preparation.

Players can currently play several missions to gather materials that can be used to craft powerful weapons and armor. Successfully passing a mission requires players to carefully select heroes suited to the mission’s challenges.

Parties of heroes can also be assembled to take on dungeons, where players can gain rare items that will assist them in the the most exciting elements of Cryptodungeons — player versus player tournaments (with big prize pots!). Dungeons are available to those who have at least 3 heroes, and players will have up to six rounds for their heroes to defeat the enemies.

World Page

Characters & Items

  Store Page

Cryptodungeons features 5 races (Angels, Dwarfs, Elves, Humans and Orcs) and 4 classes (Mages, Priests, Rogues and Warriors). Heroes are NFT’s and can be bought in the Cryptodungeon store. Each class will be able to utilize up to five abilities. For example, Warriors will have the abilities “Strike, Heavy Strike, Shield Slam, Shield Wall, and Warrior Shout.”

Items can be crafted and found in missions. Heroes and Items that players own can be found in the “Inventory” section of the game and sold on the game’s NFT “Market” to make a profit.

  Crafting Page
                                                           Choosing items to craft

Earning TRX

Players will be able to buy and sell Heroes and Items using TRX and also compete in the Player versus Player tournaments with TRX prize pots.

Join the Community

The CryptoDungeons TRON game is currently still in development, but the team plans to announce a presale soon.

You can join the CryptoDungeons Discord here as well as follow them on Twitter here for updates on the game launch.

TRON Arcade

We at TRON Arcade have lofty aspirations and seek to make crypto gaming mainstream. Apply to join TRON Arcade here:

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