Cryptocurrency Narrows The Divide Between Gamers And Games

Loot.Game – Players earn games by sharing some of their idle CPU power and get paid in bitMoony tokens

Users are able to play and unlock games for free by participating with some of their unused CPU power through an in-browser javascript miner, which rewards them with bitMoony tokens that they can then redeem for games. The more gamers join the network, the more quickly games are unlocked.

Jean Offman-Oulhiou, CEO of Loot.Game said; “Loot.Game always asks its users for consent and strives to function in a transparent and ethical way hoping to create a viable long-term ecosystem for all gaming enthusiasts.”

The bitMoony token has all the characteristics of a stable coin. It is not backed by fiat currency, but rather by users’ CPUs that mine Monero (XMR) and Electroneum (ETN) and is the result of the underlying Proof of Work mechanism.

A user collecting bitMoony

Users always decide how much of their CPU power is allocated to the network (via a control panel)  and even at 100% speed, only half the threads are used.

bitMoony can currently be redeemed on a catalogue of 8 games – Steam keys that have been provided our partner Plug-in Digital. Two are currently unlocked (Legends of Persia and Crazy Pixel Strikers) and unlocking other games involves increasing user participation resulting in higher cumulative hashing power. In the future we aim to offer Hearthstone and World of Tanks packs as well as skins and other digital goods.

The main interface

Tokens can be earned more quickly thanks to a few promotional offers. One of which allows users to currently redeem games for 5000 bitMoony instead of 20,000. Additionally, there is a signup bonus and referral program.

Jean adds: “We want to demonstrate that when used in compliant manner, browser mining can be a great way to buy digital goods.”

Moonify aims to help redefine how users and content interact and generate value. As computing power explodes in demand and application, we are working on creating a new avenue for content creators and gaming platforms to generate revenue.

Moonify is excited to continue to explore ways in which computing power can be harnessed to generate value for businesses while enriching user experiences. More information can be found at was created by Moonify, a blockchain startup based in Montpellier, the south of France.

For more information go to Loot.Game

For more information about the bitMoony token go to

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