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CryptoCuddles – The CryptoKitties Battle Game

We have built a new CryptoKitties game, which lets you send your precious kitties into battle!

How does CryptoKitties fit into this?

You must have CryptoKitties assigned to the Ethereum address you’re using to play the game with. Everything works directly off the blockchain and API of CryptoKitties to ensure you actually own the kitty you’re playing with. Just in case you’re wondering, Cuddles will not affect or change anything to your kitty tokens themselves.

How do I interact with the game?

If you are on Desktop, you will need Firefox/Chrome with Metamask installed.

If you are on Mobile, we are fully integrated with Toshi / TrustWallet.

How does Battling work?

Each kitty can choose up to 5 moves, in a strategic sequence, that you want to submit. Each move has a base attack damage (pets) and/or special effects. Every move costs energy based on its effectiveness and your kitty may only use 25 energies per battle, so choose wisely!

  • PRO TIP*: Pay attention to the order of your moves and what they are strong/weak against. With great risk brings great reward.

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